New-style concrete pulls pump to develop a success

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"China know a card " HBT80 cement concrete pulls pump to was in Jiangsu Zhenjiang a few days ago Huatongalun is mechanical limited company development is successful. It is reported, this product can apply extensively at the project such as building of urban high level and irrigation works, electric power, bridge, mine, goods yard, at present this pump already threw batch production. According to introducing, this pump designs innovation, model is original, it is market mechanism hydraulic pressure and electronic technology the high-tech product at an organic whole; Pull the hydraulic pump of component of crucial hydraulic pressure in pump and hydraulic pressure a powerful person, all choose the former outfit product that company of German Li Shile makes; The S that optimizes a design provides a powerful person or family, make cement concrete pump sends more suitable carefree nimble. This pump has property reliable, movement smooth, pump sends ability strong, turn field is convenient wait for a characteristic, pump of ground of can long-term in harsh environment stability sends high grade cement concrete, it is the special device with manufacturer of commodity concrete production and building construction necessary company. CNC Milling CNC Machining