Shop of efficient, full automatic carbon fiber composite material puts equipment

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The requirement   that composite material plane makes pair of production equipment hopes in the user the manufacturing cost of the plane reduces the condition that improves ceaselessly with carriage ability to fall ceaselessly, when aviation industry designs new-style aircraft, reduce airframe weight to often be regarded as first goal, and of weight reduce should reach through optimizing the design of airframe use more composite material to come true. The applied range of composite material aboard is bigger and bigger, to satisfy this kind of requirement that expands ceaselessly, aircraft manufacturer opens the composite material that issues efficient, low cost to make a technology ceaselessly, if fiber suture technology, colophony transfers moulding figuration technology (RTM) , colophony film permeates figuration technology (RFI) , vacuum assists colophony to permeate figuration technology (VARI) , fiber shop puts a technology (AFP) , automatic shop brings a technology (ATL) , technology of electron beam solidify. Using the condition with composite material the most fundamental structural member is face of tripartite of design, craft, material is close together cooperate and promote each other. Among them, reach the implementation of its cost target with the quality that affecting plane product severely at making the design of the tooling of composite material structural member. Component of inchoate plane composite material all uses manual laid, work efficiency is low and component quality is not stable, cannot produce large with complex aircraft component. The large and crucial structure that at present composite material is using generally on the plane (wing and airframe) , because structural dimension grows ceaselessly, cause workmanship to become very important. Manual laid means because its efficiency low, dependability difference, error is big wait for an element and seldom be made the branch is chosen, production laid rate already became a crucial factor that restricts component production. By Fuleisite - in inside the technology of laid of duplex operation foreword that company proper motion develops is efficient, full automatic made typical delegate, the prototype that its production gives served 1988 at French empty guest, satisfied the requirement of aircraft manufacturer faultlessly. Fuleisite - in inside the company is advanced, efficient, full automatic laid technology 1,   of equipment of laid of advanced composite material Fuleisite - li inside it is long the professional research the army and the people of negative great reputation is born with plane structural member, devote oneself to development to develop new-style production technology all the time. The company at the beginning of 80 time will replace the aluminium alloy in plane structural member and titanium alloy stage by stage with respect to fatidical composite material, began the research development to cut of fiber colophony composite material and laid equipment. 20 come for years, fuleisite - in inside the person that already became spare parts of aviation composite material to machine the outstanding of automation respect. Since 2004, the cut that the product of 40% is aviation composite material and shop bring the plant equipment, main user all is the plane of class of just a little of Europe and Japan to create a company, these enterprises are empty guest A380, A400M and Boeing 787 undertake component production and cent are wrapped. 2,   of product of 4 kinds of laid Fuleisite - in underlying thread shop puts a technology (AFP) , automatic shop brings a technology (ATL) respect, the aerospace that shares 4 kinds of products to be able to offer world-class creates a company: WR ALTAS(Advanced Tape Laying System of plane of band of shop of · simple working procedure -- advanced shop takes a system) ; Machine of the makings below foreword of · duplex operation and ACCESS(Advanced Composite Cassette Edit/Shear System of shop band plane -- makings of advanced composite material takes an editor / cut a system) reach ATLAS; · duplex operation head shop takes systematic DUAL SYSTEM; · unfolds filar opportunity FP ATLAS. Their main characteristic is as follows: (1) plane of band of shop of simple working procedure WR ALTAS. On bound of contemporaneity of this kind of product other the design idea of manufacturer of a few congener products is same, it is to be in same a shop belt working procedure of equipment admiral cut and gather of laid working procedure rise. Its advantage leaves makings opportunity to do not need to have additionally, defect is need to be interfered artificially, manufacturing efficiency is low, and need stops laid to exclude waste material technically in laid process. (2) machine of the makings below duplex operation foreword and ACCESS of shop band plane and ALTAS. This product sheet sets what makings of a composite material takes to leave makings cut opportunity, will issue makings cut and laid depart to leave, its advantage is full automatic tall, flotsam leads efficiency of laid, production low, a next makings machine can deserve to count stage laid plane. Defect needs for early days additional purchase a next makings aircraft. (3) duplex operation head shop takes systematic DUAL SYSTEM. (4) the machine that spread silk PF ATLAS. Machine of this shop silk can use style of dragon door structure or be born formula, most but at the same time laid 32 bundles of width 0.

The makings silk of 63cm. 3,   of thought of design of duplex operation foreword names for " ACCESS-ATLAS " (the automatic cut of composite material - laid system) " duplex operation foreword " system, means cut and laid undertake on the machine tool that becomes independent in two. System of duplex operation order is on two professional equipment the exercise that finish: Makings belt is in " ACCESS " undertake cut manages and finishing makings cut beforehand on the machine tool, put the makings tape that has cut park next " ATLAS " laid undertakes on the machine tool. Duplex operation foreword spreads the aim of 4 research and development that takes facility is: · assures whole process but date from sex. This to structural member of composite material main body (the central ala box of the bridge that is like A340/600, A380, Boeing the integral wing of 787) the design is very important; · assures high-powered with low weight between optimize; · assures what to use the tall productivity of craft, reduce the finished cost of the spare parts; · assures the adaptability of craft, improve the quality of laid belt and belt impaction. ACCESS of   of   of ACCESS of machine of the makings below foreword of Nextpage4, duplex operation is working procedure of the first cut, it besides use cut of 2 ultrasonic knives besides all sorts of requires makings belts, still have the following and main function: · eduction is all flotsam; · depart bears line paper waste material with convenient laid; · kinescope control and image are analysed, in order to assure beforehand dip quality; The makings area with will nice by cut · furls afresh, labelled, make already the makings belt that cut shapes coils. 5, the cut makings area that production of machine tool of     ACCESS gives ATLAS of plane of band of shop of duplex operation foreword coils to be affixed not dry glue form code label, when this belt coils to be installed to be on ATLAS machine tool, the machine tool can identify automatically and transfer into relevant laid software. The belt laid of the PLC management of the machine tool is ordinal by park part program in, implement a part but function of date from sex. It can make sure every spare parts is used correct dip makings is taken and design a program to undertake laid according to its beforehand. Because plane of this shop band undertakes expecting taking laid process only, this kind of working procedure is relatively simple, can complete a part quickly so, can help optimize makings belt laid, improve productivity thereby. The advantage that double process technology has is: · spare parts is abided by strictly optimal optimize a design, do not cut more cut not less also makings piece; · need is local strengthened part can be in advocate shop belt is finished in working procedure (include removed sex local strengthen) , do not require artificial intervention; · flotsam weight but from gross weight 10% decrease 5% ; The spare parts weight that · produces actually can be amounted to the smallest, accord with a spare parts completely initiative design requirement. This equipment used the linear electric machinery that masters adroitly by our company and technology of torque electric machinery, make productivity rises further. 6, duplex operation head shop takes   of systematic DUAL SYSTEM the occurrence as aircraft new design and new treatment craft, also raised new requirement to the production of composite material structure. Have numerous of the wide system plane that hefts structural member of carbon fiber of 400 ~ 1000kg appear, guide aircraft manufacturer and equipment supplier to change machine tool and treatment craft. Duplex operation head system is in those who be born namely below this kind of circumstance. In double head the shop takes a system in, same an odd process was provided at the same time on laid head the shop is the first and shop of foreword of a duplex operation is the first. Shop of simple working procedure is the first use simple, reliable and low-cost, use cut and laid the makings belt of simple appearance, and waste material does not produce between makings belt. Shop of duplex operation foreword is the first the tape of makings of complex external form that uses laid to had fallen to be cut beforehand on makings machine and had managed in another ACCESS. This two build by same saddle board props up a machine tool, take device to undertake alternant laid in the light of different spare parts lay up as the shop at the same time. The manufacturing laid ability of this system from 250m/h beforehand dip makings belt increases 800 ~ 900m/h. The straight bobbin of the machine tool still deployed drive of linear electric machinery, feed speed is as high as 60m/min, but noise is very little (75dB) , the mechanical wear degree of the machine tool also decreased a lot of. According to the contrast of the real service data of European user, using duplex operation after head system: Productivity of example of experiment of wing of model of some abroad user raised 4 times 2001; Productivity of actual wing panel raised some abroad user 2004 1.

9 times; Productivity of panel of actual and perpendicular empennage raised some abroad user 2004 2.

5 times. Specific and character, advantage body is the following now respect: · Gao Sheng produces efficiency; Craft of · double head can part on same build at the same time laid differs 2 kinds the belt of width, and do not need to stop machine undertake be changinged thoroughly taking. The low flotsam when the tall productivity that laid 300mm takes is taken plus laid 150mm is led, can machine those who accord with spare parts outline in real time model face, carry out automatic, efficient treatment truly; · already the complex form side with good cut shapes makings belt is be absent by the ACCESS machine tool of the line will prepare, accordingly, the elimination of accident of reliable and rapid craft of laid operation = of spare parts of value of = high price assure; · can be used any beforehand dip material data (ply of different fiber, colophony, material) ; · can be in same a few kinds of different types use at the same time on the spare parts beforehand dip expects (different density, ply) lead with spreading belt speed via what optimize, make a part that accords with design requirement; · is the first in the shop on two reel makings brings supply, reduce a shop to take those who interrupt time and reel to change frequency; · is full automatic chemical art, do not need successive and artificial monitoring or stop machine in order to await manual interpose (if flotsam is cleared) ; · does not need to heat system; · is special " milling machine " design experience, have pinpoint accuracy, can gain taller tigidity and stronger squeezing ramming strength. · introduces drive of linear electric machinery, noise is little, rate is rapid and dependability is good. 7, FP ATLAS of equipment of silk of shop of   of FP ATLAS of the machine that spread silk already entered production to use a field, its biggest advantage depends on carrying head of four-axle linkage laid, on more complex curved surface form and ply change, but at the same time 32 width are laid 0.

The tape of 63cm, and the shop is the first can place at the same time fall in a beam, be opposite according to different need same a cut that the spare parts has expecting taking and laid. 8, composite material is designed and make software of TAPELAY of   of   of compositive software TAPELAY be used at cut and laid beforehand the new generation machine tool that complex material takes dip, direct and compositive in advanced CAD / in production software CATIA V5. "TAPELAY " software includes " the belt is generated " mix " the belt is made " module. The user of the machine tool but direct the CATIA CPD from the spare parts (Composite Design) module goes to data input in TAPELAY software, design of affirmatory lay up, lay up spreads out, method choice, shop is the first choice of choice of choice, career of umbriferous, laid, squeezing ramming pressure, after passing production data finally, equipment of buy processor translate into carries out a file, transmit machine of the makings below cut and shop band plane respectively, undertake laid is made automatically, offer efficient composite material to digitlize a design for the user / production tool. The compositive Nextpage that shop of head of double treatment of DUAL SYSTEM HEAD takes a system uses case especially empty guest was in   of   of 1 France empty guest south France 1988 the first time on ATR wing used Fuleisite - in inside plane of automatic shop band. Pass a large number of application, accumulated rich composite material shop to bring experience. The carbon fiber part that be as follows produced especially south empty guest: Roof beam of · A340-600 keel; In the center of · A380 alar box; In the center of · A400M alar box. The wing of A400M is comprised by 3 different components, box of a central ala and box of 2 exterior alas. The technical experience of A380 of profit from of central ala box; And also used composite material for the first time in the design of box of two exterior alas. On the product line of composite material laid of all plane structural member, plane of band of 6 ACCESS shops was configured in all especially south empty guest, 9 ATLAS leave makings opportunity. In the shop heads duplex operation of the configuration on equipment head system, this kind of configuration has been applied adequately empty guest is all in the treatment of the spare parts, among them the head of simple working procedure that the cut belt of about 75 % uses this system comes laid, 25% by laid of head of duplex operation foreword. 2 France amount to all alone   to amount to company of all alone aircraft to be at the beginning of 80 time had begun to use machine of automatic shop belt, thenceforth rises, 4 Fuleisite - in the equipment inside (2 ACCESS, an ATLAS, a LINEAR ATLAS) responsible production is phantom 2000, " flatus " (Rafale) reach " falcon " (Falcon) a few relevant components. "Flatus " the pneumatic force of wing surface distributings very complex, their skin texture needs a lot of reinforcement, still have many lay up purify / the limitative requirement that alternate imposes, these conditions ask to contradict with productivity. As a result of these elements, after having a lot of research and comparative test to all sorts of different program, the company that amount to all alone chose Fuleisite finally - in the ACCESS inside and ATLAS duplex operation system, the shop of simple working procedure that 150mm width contains at the same time on equipment is the first and the shop of duplex operation foreword of 75mm is the first. The newest generation facilities of the company (ACCESS and LINEAR ATLAS) the quantity was thrown to produce in May 2004, the Dasuosheng since thenceforth was produced a lot of " flatus " envelope component, its quality and output level are very tall, because chose reasonable manufacturing facilities, the company that amount to all alone achieved design goal: The cost that reduces composite material hardware uses automation operation to govern craft and manufacturing quality. Heavy industry of 3 3 water chestnut and Fuji weigh labour   Fuleisite - in immanent mixed 2004 be located in Japanese name 3 water chestnut of Gu Wu are versed in again (MHI) and Fuji is versed in again (FHI) signed a contract, offer machine of the makings below 3 ACCESS and shop of 5 LINEAR ATLAS to take for its machine. Equipment of a complete set of includes CAD/CAM software and give MHI and FHI expert groom / support. These two companies are in initial stage began to use these machine tools to be Boeing new generation 2006 " dream " wing of 787 production carbon fiber and central ala box. These structural member place use composite material the 50 % that weight exceeds plane gross weight. The length of every machine tool of laid wing all is 40m about, width is 8m, laid composite material in order to form the fluctuation surface of wing panel, because went up to install linear electric machinery in the axis of the machine tool, these machine tools wear what they heft 25t with the speed shift of 60m/min advocate bed body. With the collaboration of Chinese aviation industry the 1 long history   that cooperates with China delivers to the Han Zhonghang at that time from 1964 the first milling machine of empty industry base begins, fuleisite - in inside machine tool company already was built with China and maintain what develop a relation to amount to 40 years continuously is long. Fuleisite - in inside there is machine tool of more than 110 large numerical controls in China only, the product that offers for aviation industry place among them is most rich. 2 create project institute with Beijing aviation (625) cooperative   is in Fuleisite - in in all partners inside, one boat Beijing aviation of Chinese made project institute hold the firstest position. Arrive from 1985 close 1996 in 10 years, the dragon door that both sides finished model of many 20 SERAMILL jointly machining center milling machine, the production that is aviation engine structural member again next offerred series of FLEXIAX of machining center of tall torque of main shaft of horizontal of 5 axes linkage, will nearly 10 years complete series of MINUMAC of machining center of door of dragon of many 10 5 axes and bridge-type, vertical again. Newest collaboration is inside 625 place collaboration manufactures ATLAS machine tool. 625 responsible production assemble its full foundation member and numerical control system, include the straight bobbin of drive of linear electric machinery among them. Had this technology, 625 can use this kind of technology to raise the technical level of other machine tool. In the meantime, because can take equipment to undertake produce and be productioned to large store, 625 are had offer to oneself and its collaboration unit exceed part of large composite material (the spare parts that is like big customer and great fortune) remarkable ability, the area of all sorts of differring composite material makings that still can pass pair of different units to produce has a variety of tests, win program of first-rate laid technology, in order to cooperate each need of professional factory. CNC Milling CNC Machining