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Carbon fiber composite material will reduce the effect that the key has in serious effort in the car, although can face the enormous challenge of batch production. As environmental protection the regulation tends strict, and car use amount grows day and day along with urban progress, auto industry must ponder over a problem with new way. No matter be mixture motivation or pure electric car, model of new light qualitative automobile body and accumulator service life already made the central point that the masses pays close attention to. At latest arrives 2014, manufacturer of almost all car should provide mixture motor vehicle, and this is only begin. Si Bao of German Du Yi - research center of car of Ai Sen university teachs those who held director Ferdinand Dudenhöffer concurrently to speak of a car creating technical field to change. He says: "To 2025, the share of new car of global pure fuel will drop to 35% . " forecast according to another, henceforth in 10 years, annual work off about 2, 4 million mix motivation and electric car. Dudenhöffer expresses, this is a conservative figure only. But all car manufacturer should go all lengths solve similar problem -- weight. After installing accumulator, the weight of pure electric car can increase about 250 kilograms of; to charge car of type mixture motivation can increase about 200 kilograms. Wo Erwo Motor Corporation is trying to find a feasible solution. The engineer of fort of heart of its Sweden elder brother and the researcher that aviation of technical institute of British London empire fastens cooperate, development gives a kind of composite material, this kind of material is made by carbon fiber and polymer, can use as charge reach the sources of energy to store. The conception of this one effort is, the automobile body of car of prospective Wo Erwo will have the effect of electrochemistry accumulator. But does from implementation at present this kind of solution still have many far? Per-Ivar Sellergren of engineer of development of center of data of Wo Erwo automobile expresses to this hopeful. He says: "If everything undertakes by the plan, to 2012 the end of the year, we can have the car trunk prototype of composite material of function of accumulator of this kind of electrochemistry. " and cost is a problem, but Sellergren says, although it still compares steel and aluminium a lot of more expensive, dynamoelectric the future that reachs mixture motivation car still depends on composite material. Occupy Woerwo to calculate, with the engine cover that new battery material makes, its cost may be equivalent to original engine cover adding accumulator of ion of a lithium. He says: "As manufacturer, we can raise the cost of engine cover of a bit carbon fiber, because we are actually,got storage battery for nothing. " Ulf Carlund of expert of composite material of Wo Erwo Motor Corporation points out, the treatment means of composite material is too at present slow, and inchoate still need to try to use to the investment of traditional automobile factory. The traditional car manufacturer that this brings about use rolled steel on certain level is right composite material not know what to do. Wo Erwo's experts point out, nevertheless, but the desire that changes now is very strong, the public will see increasing polymer composite material applies the outside and in of new-style car. Ao Di aluminium makes car A2 already made this company makes the van that makes light-duty car. Be located in the Kasuermu inside German south in the company " light quantify " center, ao Di's engineers use the technology of the composite material that by car of parent company masses Bujiadi develops luxurious model and experience not only, and still develop its further the carbon fiber technology that Lanbojini already used accessary firm. 120 thousand euro exceeds in social status, in producing the racing bike of 15 Ao Di R8 Spyder to 20 only everyday, ao Di all used carbon fiber to enhance polymer in the both sides of roof boot and coping. Such doing cost effectiveness is provided more in can making its are produced in the batch of low cost, but should realize a premise: Can replace many aluminium to make a part with spare parts of individual carbon fiber. Ao Di says in the development engineer Karl Durst of Leichtbauzentrum: "Perhaps you need a kind of cutting tool only, is not 56 kinds of different cutting tool. " here has many projects undertaking, fiber is joined in composite material, can promote the weight that compares with aluminous photograph the advantage, advantage of this kind of weight from 17 ~ 18% to 25% differ. The key of the project is, this kind of material needs to achieve as identical as aluminous material tension and fight control bear capacity. Durst says, although such, still a certain number of volume problems need to solve, especially composite material corrodes a problem with what other material joint is in. Still have noise additionally, decrease ceaselessly as the car heavy, noise level also can increase, because this needs insulation sound insulation, this added weight again. Another challenge is, the material that car technician handles to place is familiar. Durst says: "No matter be alive bound which corner, even if most diminutive Aodi repairs a workshop to be able to repair a car and should replace composite material part. " workmanship remains to improve. Fu Yi of German equipment manufacturer is special (composite material of Yite of blessing of Voith) affiliated company (the powerful demand that the manager Lars Herbeck of Voith Composites) saw many fields beforehand. For example of material optimize flow operation, annual of 100 thousand many spare partses decide fast production, and the manufacturing cycle with rapidder rate. With production speed is unit calculative with the second aluminium makes spare parts photograph compare, larger composite material part makes a likelihood need 20 minutes to come 1 hour. This still can be accepted in aerospace industry, but in automobile industry won't do however in the assembly line of mass production, whole world of whole automobile industry yields every year more than 5, 5 million cars. Oliver Geiger of researcher of ministry of composite material of chemical technology institute is exploring the Fulaoenhuofu of Er of tower of Ci of German Pu Fen the way that allows large company to cooperate hand in hand in different domain. And Ao Di's Durst speaks of leap through the technology, is not the necessity that relies on slow successive type progress. Stride in SLR since 2004 triumphant annulus the Daimule that carbon fiber uses on cycle racing company, also increasing strength to develop this one technology, the Dongli of company of chemical industry of Japan of carbon fiber manufacturer that began to precede with the whole world in April 2010 has a collaboration. The target is to be inside 3 years, to produce per year the 20 thousand model to 40 thousand development goes carbon fiber component. Meanwhile, its are main competitor BMW company (BMW) wants bold much. BMW with German partner Xigeli carbolic element company (SGL Carbon) invests 100 million dollar jointly, in American Washington city Mosaic Lai overcomes build factory of a composite material. BMW company finance affairs is in charge of Friedrich Eichinger to point out, this factory will undertake with having competitive price large quantities of quantities are produced first. The target is material the price is decreased to the half of carbon fiber price is at present the following, the carbon fiber cost that uses on cycle racing now is every kilograms 22 to 55 dollars. This kind of carbon fiber will be produced on two product line, produce per year can about 1, 500 tons, will produce BMW with a future life Megacity Vehicle of new-style and electric car, this is a car lifting a back that has 4 places, deserve to have the lithium battery of 35 kilowatt hour, charge every time but travel road of 100 much kilometers. Still have the racing bike that a kind of design changes, match engine of a small-sized derv and two electromotor additionally, highest speed per hour amounts to 200 kilometers above. Megacity predicts will at 2013 come to got offline than stannum in Lai 2014, BMW already invested 400 million much euro here. BMW points out, megacity will become cabin of product line of out of global head money, whole passenger to all use composite material of light qualitative carbon fiber to make, the car that frame employs aluminous capable person. In light of the diagram that releases at first from BMW, it resembles science fiction movie quite in same, accumulator is just as even cushion, below car of park is whole double door, still that exceeds large wheel, to the person one kind fills the form that uses feeling, aggressive. Will this car be the factory of the industry with this intense competition what to influence bring? Still need wait and see what happens at present. BMW among them of a competitor light quantify an expert to say: "This is gamble. " also realize these risks adequately as the Norbert Reithofer of the manager. He is in said on the car congress of Nuremberg in October 2010: "In the first-run production cycle that using this kind of technology, we may not earn money, but the allowance that it will get conventional technology. " technical viewpoint: A variety of uncertainty are used at aerospace to be versed in the composite material of course of study already was market of a growth. Shanteweikekeleman can offer a variety of cutting tool solutions in this domain, include PCD(to get together brilliant diamond) with hard alloy broach. Be in nevertheless automobile industry, have what kind of real need to composite material, still have a variety of uncertainty. On racing bicycle of one class equation and costly luxurious car and racing bike, carbon fiber technology has matured undoubtedly. But this is belonged to only basically rely on a few handcrafted cars. The Francis Richt that pursues composite material development in Shanteweikekeleman says: "The field is produced in large quantities of quantities, we still handle ongoing hair level. But we count on this kind of new material to be able to be sent before long on use, in order to decrease dynamoelectric the weight that reachs mixture motivation car. " Richt complement says, what the equipment of aerospace industry compares car to go up is more complex, quality demand is higher also, and must the other material such as synchronous processing composite material and titanium metal. Richt says: "For example, we know car structure is more evener than plane structure, this decreased to want to drill thousands of hole what hand-in-hand travel bedding face accumulates milling is necessary, but can undertake other bore at any time or must machine lumen. Although such, we still can see, compare with very advanced aerospace industry posture, automobile manufacturing industry has diverse demand. " there already was the cutting tool that can be used at automobile manufacturing industry nowadays. For example CoroDrill broach of Shanteweikekeleman contains diamond coating, what can improve bore quality and play user facility is high-powered. CNC Milling CNC Machining