Abstain 457 axle housing to get, attack a tower child whorl aperture tool

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One, the ceaseless development of achievement brief introduction as advanced manufacturing industry, the competition ability of the enterprise is greater and greater also, car spare parts makes an industry also side with the direction of efficient, high accuracy, Gao Rou sex, automation to develop. The sort of 457 series axle housing of my company is at present more, tower of bracket of air chamber of a lot of axle housing child the size of whorl aperture is not same, get so, attack tower of air chamber bracket child whorl aperture, the jig with need different measurement machines this working procedure on rocker getting. Intensity of labor of handlers of this method existence the difference of big, precision of whorl opening position that gets, jig is easy wear away. And plant of car main engine wants to the reaction of new product fast, the cycle that so new product trial-produce asks is shorter and shorter, often make cycle grow too as a result of the design of certain new tool, affect the delivery time of the product. The company considers to elevate a firm tower of bracket of air chamber of product of 457 series axle housing child the precision, labor intensity that reduces a worker and improve manufacturing efficiency, be in so short-term inside the design is self-restrained finish two to use get on machining center, attack tower of bracket of axle housing air chamber child the tool of whorl aperture (abbreviation getting, attack a tower child whorl aperture tool) , the settlement with this better tool above problem, its are main the characteristic has: 1, two end axis provides axle housing of tool fixed position bearing V piece use T chamfer to join with tool motherboard, the axle housing that can control mobile and contented different length locates, get used to 457 axle housing all types. 2, to assure a tower child the verticality of whorl aperture, tool is used among help smooth orgnaization up and use hydraulic pressure locking, have stable reliability. 3, auger, attack two end tower child whorl aperture is to part to locate with the flange end panel of two end, make fixed position standard thereby with the design fiducial and unified, raise a tower child the precision of whorl aperture. 4, the clamp of axle housing workpiece uses hydraulic pressure clamp and fixed position, reduce labor intensity and stabler. 5, tool uses system of machining center oneself to increase M70~M79 a powerful person of electromagnetism of hydraulic pressure of control of 10 groups of auxiliary instructions, join this instruction to be able to realize the automatic clamp of workpiece in the program thereby, automatic fixed position. 6, axle housing of treatment avery kind of needs first to be opposite only workpiece coordinate, handlers is in charge of hoisting and the axle housing that uninstall labour mount only, can realize automation treatment completely. 7, satisfy in production produce can below the circumstance, still can increase mill tower in this tool child the working procedure of the face, have muti_function change. 8, had this tool one person can operate much stage facility, realized one person much chance, one person much hillock. 9, this tool machines a tower child whorl hole is less than handling time is being gotten in rocker before. Since this tool investment is used, great the labor intensity that reduced a worker, cast jig no longer in this working procedure to new product, the trial-produce that reduces new product is periodic, from use did not appear up to now tower child the circumstance that whorl position shoulds not. Tool of a complete set of is had flexible strong, efficiency degree of tall, automation tall, operation simple, precision tall, stability is strong wait for an advantage. 2, technical point, difficulty 1, proper motion design, make two use get on machining center, attack tower of bracket of air chamber of 457 axle housing child whorl aperture tool. 2, get Zun Duan tower child end panel of flange of Zun Duan of Kong Yiqiao carapace is whorl fiducial and automatic fixed position, get right end whorl Kong Yiyou carries flange end panel to be fiducial and automatic fixed position. 3, use hydraulic pressure clamp, reduce labor intensity and clamp time, improve labor efficiency, craft asks to produce metre ≤ 7min. 4, the M70~M79 code control that tool increases by machining center operating system to the hydraulic pressure crock of workpiece clamp, fixed position, can move namely use namely. 5, action of the clamp of tool, fixed position is direct by programme controll, do not require artificial operation, implement the automation of tool. 6, tool gets used to 457 series of type of all axle housing auger, attack a tower child whorl opening working procedure is had flexible production sex. 3, economic benefits 1, after tool is thrown, implementation one person can operate two facility at the same time, than original one person an equipment reduced a handlers. 2, tool contains cost about 3.

50 thousand yuan, outside assist production need 4.

50 thousand yuan in order to cover, managing production cost 10 thousand yuan. 3, after throwing this tool, when making new product, do not need to throw new tower again child jig (every tower child jig makes an appointment with 1400 yuan) 4, metre of actual devoted production is tool 6.

5min, the manufacturing metre that gets with rocker formerly is 8min. Manufacturing metre rose 18% , at present two tool can produce 120 every classes (press actual working hours 7 hours) . 5, this tool reduced reject, reduce axle housing tower child the repair expenses of whorl. 4, promotion value is gotten, attack a tower child whorl aperture tool differs at 457 series axle housing applicably the tower of dimension child of whorl aperture auger, attack, change original tower child jig amount is much, the state with precision difference, frequent maintenance. Tool can realize the automatic clamp of axle housing, automatic fixed position, and the operation is simple. At present one person can handle this process two equipment, than reducing a handlers formerly. Use the structure of this tool, still can use similar tool in STR series axle housing. At present my company is pushing this project. Because this tool is flexible degree of strong, automation tall, operation simple, precision is advanced characteristic, in home Cheqiao produces manufacturing industry or similar have among the production enterprise of this workpiece a very big promotion and draw lessons from. (this project achievement catchs industry of equipment of 2011 year Guangxi award of third class of achievement of advanced technology, tool) CNC Milling CNC Machining