The computer controls a technology to apply in automation punch on-line

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One, the line of punch of German SCHULER6000KN large automation that limited company of car of masses of foreword   Shanghai introduces basically produces PASSAT car with a future life the medium-sized stamping workpiece such as 4 2 lids, average strong Cikeda 6.

7 / minute. SCHULER punch line basically is mixed by 6 press unit 6 mechanization unit is comprised, press unit basically is used undertake expecting a punch, mechanization unit basically uses sucker pattern to undertake expecting piece tear open expect between battlements, press piece deferent wait for the task. The control equipment of line of SCHULER automation press uses advanced Xi Menzi to control device, whole automation controls network cent to be two class, the first class is fundamental automation network, it basically includes spot layer SIEMENS to be able to make up network of Cheng controller SIMATICH1 and operation employee to make station WINCC network; The 2nd class manages a network for server control. The system of network of network of whole industry control of SCHULER press line is relatively complex, attack by annular develop develop of form of structure, star attacks develop of form of structure, bus line attacks structure 3 kinds of develop attack to the industry of structural type controls a network to combine and be become. 2,   of fundamental automation network 2.

Control of layer of spot of line of press of SCHULER of   of network of 1 spot layer uses PLC and control of PROFIBUS spot bus line. Every press unit and mechanization unit use independent PLC control each, PLC uses Xi Menzi S5-115U to be able to make up Cheng controller, whole press line used 12 PLC to undertake controlling in all. 2.


1PLCH1 network server and communication of spot layer PLC use SIMATICH1 aether network, CSMA/CD agreement, cable medium, communication rate is 10Mbps, annular develop attacks structure. Every unit PLC is configured have CP1430 communication module, through corresponding OLM (photoelectricity changes module) online communication, module of communication of CP1413 of the buy inside the server carries module of the first unit OLM and PLCH1 network news report. Upload in what parameter arrives since this server action sends below / , the data switch between it and PLC passes DDF (dynamic data is exchanged) will undertake. Make consumed fibre web satisfied the data of high speed high capacity to exchange not only, also increased to fight interference of outside electromagnetism field and the function that fight leak greatly, once fiber-optic network link happens,the advantage of annular structure is rupture, still can maintain communication; In addition, it has nothing to do completely with potential the ground moves, need not cost costly equipotential connection charge, and the dependability that strengthened a network greatly. 2.


The connects fast to use Xi Menzi firm PROFIBUS of PLC of   of 2PROFIBUS bus line and spot equipment - DP spot bus line, PROFIBUS - DP bus line is network of control of bus line of a kind of completely distributed spot spot, it is outputted through / of ET200 distributed input word of two-way and serial knaggy check the number comes true to correspond between system and spot equipment. The network system that individual and dispersive spot equipment becomes job of the OK and mutual communication information, collective control that finish through join of PROFIBUS bus line and control system, form the entire distributinging network that the spot puts below control function thorough compositive type is new-style control system, it simplified greatly spot wiring saved installation cost. System of output of / of ET200 distributed input is used advocate inn and from inn structure, advocate inn is on bus line to transmit data from inn and to demand data from inn, become only from inn advocate the ability when inn issues a request and advocate inn undertakes data is exchanged. In the PROFIBUS spot bus line that controls a system originally, inside the PLC of IM308-C of control plate of interface of buy bus line serves as bus line advocate inn, module of output of ET200 input / serves as bus line from inn, bus line transmits medium to be screen double skeining thread, PLC realizes the control of pair of spot equipment through PROFIBUS-DP. 2.

Network of communication of workstation of operator of network of WinCC of 2 operator workstation uses 10base-T aether network, TCP/IP opens a deliberation, cable medium, communication rate is 10Mbps, annular develop attacks structure, specific configuration is: Every press unit operates a workstation 2 times with around each, line of SCHULER automation press shares 12 operator workstation, cartoon of net of 3COM of the buy inside workstation crosses TPTR (aether net interface) reach corresponding OLM (photoelectricity changes module) module and aether network news report, the OLM module of the first unit passes double skeining thread and HUB (line of the collect central implement) be linked together, card of net of 3COM of the buy inside the server and HUB are linked together, realize the communication of network of aether of server and operator workstation thereby. 2.


The picture configuration of the man-machine interface that operator of 1WinCC configuration software stands uses the SIMATICWinCC4 of Xi Menzi company.

0 labour control configuration software. SIMATICWinCC (WindowsControlCenter) be development of Xi Menzi company is complete 32 distributinging automation controls configuration software, winCC has powerful function and height to open a gender as software of configuration of a monitoring, can make side of user design outside good, the supervisory system with perfect function; And the convenience function that can use each Windows below Windows standard environment as a result of it, can shorten greatly the time that happens into process software package. WinCC software basically includes data to collect govern 2 basic functions with data. Data is collected is to point to collect data from the spot and undertake corresponding processing, collect basically finish by the PLC that controls a station as the spot. Data management is a data that gets from the spot the database that undertake processing hind and sends a server it and by the database visit function reads access to arrive according to sending again next in application. 2.


2WinCC network is in this system, the server serves as the Server of WinCC, also serve as SQL (structuralization inquires a language) Server (database server) , it includes to have moving database and project database. PLC of field data classics sends in WinCC to undertake collect and administrative through the server, after classics processing, send the moving database of the server; All moulds and manufacturing data store in the project database in SQL server, SQL server joins through aether net the WinCC operator of product line stands, mould production data and field data stand to be shown with graphical means in server or operator, realize monitoring. When production, mould exercise is after make choice of, the manufacturing data that WinCC handles a station to receive the mould that comes from SQL server to produce a need, start manufacturing process next. Database add up to can be put have 1000 moulds data, can retrieve at any time. Operation personnel is set in punch line through parting the working status that the WinCC man-machine interface that 12 operator on 6 press unit stand can monitor every press unit reachs mechanization unit and breakdown call the police show, can have the operation such as mould data changeover and manufacturing data set. 3, server of line of press of network of control management layer passes 10base-T central collect line implement (HUB) with the road by implement (ROUTER) reach net of operator station aether and PMS (press production runs a system) manage network of layer star form into control repeatedly. 3.

1 network operates platform server and operator station to use structure of network of server / client computer to have news report. The operation platform of the server is WinNTServer4.

0 Chinese operating system, the operation platform that operator stands is WinNTWorkstation4.

0 Chinese operating system. WinNT operates platform to have the characteristic such as sex of security, dependability, much task, have better software compatibility, support application software of great majority Windows, the job that is an user offers very big advantage. 3.

Server of technology of 2 networks security controls the center of the network as SCHULER press, safety of network of industry of line of whole to safeguard press has server security very principal port, the server uses hardware RAID (disk array) technology. The server uses DPT-RS3WRAID (disk array) station, outside the ark of RAID hard disk of buy turns all RAID processing intelligence in uniting the controller that embeds subsystem of outer buy disk, all subsystem arrives through controller couplet of a SCSI on lead plane, RAID disk ark includes to have 3 hard disk: 2 are mirror hard disk, 1 is hot backup hard disk. Disk mirror is used in server system (RAID1) technology, when the server is processing data, same data is written in two mirrors hard disk, although data redundancy is taller, but because run paralell,handle two disk, data transmission rate is high, offerred the high reliability of data; If the job is medium, a hard disk malfunctions in the job, hot backup hard disk can replace bad hard disk automatically, and data is copied from mirror hard disk immediately go up to hot backup hard disk, the system undertakes automatically on hot backup hard disk rebuilding, thereby disk array gets resumptive, enhanced the security that server network system moves greatly so, ensured manufacturing on the rails. 3.

3PMS system is controlled to the production of press line for better implementation, system of PMS of press line installation (RressManagementSystem press production runs a system) , use at dogging the manufacturing situation of press and make manufacturing plan, the system has news report through CP1413 net card and PLCH1 network, obtain data to undertake data is collected from inside PLC, will obtain information to undertake statistical classify automatically, obtain content of time of press line crop, production, breakdown to reach the content of time thereby, provide reference to workshop production attempers and manage. 3.

4 diagnose a function remotely what diagnose a server remotely to go up to control software and system of ISDN system implementation remotely of PCAnywher. PCAnywher is 32 when by the Tie Ke that surpass the door the company makes one double machine interrelate tool, move under WinNT platform, it can carry a network or the long-range remote control of line implementation computer joins, make advocate accuse to just can be used controlled the program of square computer, still can be at the same time between two PC deferent data. Because diagnose data remotely to exchange a quantity bigger, the server receives Internet to use Router (road by implement) join ISDN (net of integrated business figure) systematic pattern undertakes, ISDN data transmission rate is higher, can amount to 128kbps, assured the success that diagnoses remotely. 4, the industrial control network of line of press of automation of SCHULER of last word   used a lot of newer technologies, since press line is produced normally, the network moves very stable, assured the efficient production of press line. SCHULER press automation the point that the industrial network technology of the line reachs application to also have a lot of reference to construction of domestic industry network. CNC Milling CNC Machining