Note principle of job of model machine hydraulic pressure

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Fluid drive: It is with hydraulic pressure oil is working medium, through dynamical cell (oil pump) turn into the mechanical energy of prime mover the pressure of hydraulic pressure oil can, repass controls element, next have the aid of carries out component (oil cylinder or oily motor) can change pressure for mechanical energy, drive load comes true linear or circumgyrate moves, and the adjustment that measures with convection through operating to controlling component remote control, setting implements the force of component and rate. Have to afore-mentioned systems when the outside when disturbing, the sendout of executive component wants deviate commonly original setting value, produce control of proper error hydraulic pressure: With fluid drive, dynamical cell, control also includes in the system component and executive component, also be to pass oily fluid to transfer power. The point with different both is hydraulic pressure control has feedback unit, the sendout that the action of feedback device is executive component (the mechanical quantity such as displacement, speed, force) feedback goes back to be measured with the input (can be change, also can be constant) undertake comparative, will control a system with the deviation after comparing, change and change or keep what make the output of executive component is measured along with the input constant. It is a kind of fluid drive system that makes closed circuit return circuit, also call hydraulic pressure to follow move system or hydraulic pressure servo. What use in fluid drive system is to connect type or component of logical pattern control, dominate an end with respect to its, it is to retain the stability that is worth by setting or simple shift way, also make decide value and sequence control component. What hydraulic pressure uses in control system is servo control component, have feedback structure, undertake controlling with electric unit, have taller control precision and answer speed, place pilot pressure and discharge often change continuously. Output power can magnify. Scale control is a kind of interpose control between afore-mentioned both, place dominates a powerful person or family with scale is to connecting type to control a kind of when the development on the foundation of component and servo control component rises new-style report -- fluid controls element, had both a few characteristics of two kinds of afore-mentioned component, connect type control to cannot satisfy a requirement with what move at using a hand, but the situation that also does not need the pollution with servo strict in that way to hydraulic pressure system a powerful person to control a demand. 2, defect of actor of fluid drive system is in at present way of 4 kinds of big transmission (mechanical, electric, hydraulic pressure is pressed compatibly) in, doing not have drive of a kind of motivation is perfect, and fluid drive has undermentioned extremely clear advantage: (1) looks from the structure, the output power of its unit weight and power of unit size output are in way of 4 kinds of transmission is force pressing beautiful women or fragrant flowers, very big pitching moment inertia is compared, below the circumstance that transfers same power, the bulk of fluid drive device small, weight is light, inertial small, structure compact, layout is agile. (2) looks from character of service, speed, torque, power all but stepless adjustment, the movement answers a gender fast, can rapid inverting and gearshift, timing range is wide, timing scope can amount to 100: L arrives 2000: 1; The action is quick the gender is good, control, adjust simpler, operate more convenient, save labour, facilitate close suitably with electric control, and with CPU(computer) join, facilitating implementation automation. (3) from use safeguard on look, of component self-lubricating the gender is good, protection of easy implementation overload and protect pressure, on the safe side; Component realizes seriation, standardization, generalization easily. (4) sexes of all equipment on the safe side that use hydraulic pressure technology are good. (5) economy: The plasticity of hydraulic pressure technology and changeability are very strong, can increase flexible manufacturing flexibility, produce a program to undertake change and be adjustmented with easy opposite, hydraulic pressure component says production cost is not high also relatively, adaptability is stronger. (6) hydraulic pressure is easy with personal computer the new technology photograph such as control is united in wedlock, form " machine - report - fluid - smooth " the trend that unifinication already made the world develop, facilitating implementation is digitlized. The defect of fluid drive: Aught is one divides into two, fluid drive is not exceptional also: (1) because fluid drive has opposite motion face inevitably existence leak, at the same time oily fluid is not absolutely incompressible, add the flexibility such as vitta to be out of shape, fluid drive cannot get strict drive is compared, cannot be used at if machine whorl gear,waiting for a machine tool consequently inside in couplet drive catenary. (Loss of edge of the existence in process of flow of 2) oily fluid, local loss and leak loss, transmission efficiency is inferior, unsuited remote transmission. (3) falls in high temperature and microtherm condition, use fluid drive to have certain difficulty. (4) leaks to prevent oil and the requirement that go up to satisfy certain property, demand of production precision of hydraulic pressure component is high, to use bring certain difficulty with maintenance. (5) malfunctions to be checked not easily, especially hydraulic pressure technology not quite all-pervading unit, this one contradiction often block up is worn the farther promotion application of hydraulic pressure technology. Maintenance of hydraulic pressure equipment needs to depend on experience, groom the time of personnel of hydraulic pressure technology is longer. CNC Milling CNC Machining