Future of laser precision treatment is capacious

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Laser beam machining equips: Use is extensive perspective is wide, laser of direction of accurate treatment development can be divided according to illuminant classification wait for solid laser, semiconductor laser, gas laser; According to industrial cent, separate laser industry on international normally use laser of laser parts of an apparatus, digitlization to store equipment of parts of an apparatus, laser beam machining, laser labels the equipment that pack, laser is illuminated for communication discharge and presswork, equipment of laser medical treatment, laser. Technology of laser beam machining is to use the character that stimulates beam of light and corporeal interaction to including the metal undertakes machining with all sorts of metalloid material, involve solder, cut, dozen mark, stiletto, heat treatment, shape, a variety of treatment craft such as Tu Fu, application is very wide. Because laser has very good monochromatic gender, coherence, directional with high energy density, laser beam machining and other and commonly used accurate treatment photograph have treatment precision quite tall, bad news can little, pollution small, efficiency is advanced and a lot of advantage. In the meantime, laser technology still is manufacturing industry to achieve with union of technology of computerized numerical control high grade, efficient run with low cost provided full new measure, these advantages make industry of laser beam machining since laser attention gets with respect to equipment since the invention and achieve flying progress. Can say laser beam machining machines the development direction of equipment future on behalf of nicety, standard of the manufacturing process capability that reflecting a state, equipment and competitive ability. Industry of equipment of laser beam machining: Global market is adjusted an influence by macroscopical economy, photoelectron of growing United States of domestic application high speed develops association (OIDA)2001 year statistic, treatment industry has become laser material to store except laser communication and laser the biggest laser beyond the technology uses a trade. Because get since 2000 the influence of cracked of bubble of global new economy, year of increase rate of market of equipment of global laser beam machining dropped by the 8-15% before 2000 in recent years 4% (" LaserFocusWorld, issue " statistic is negative 4.

8% ) the left and right sides, but the global sale of this industry still is achieved 28.

9.5 billion dollar, 26% what take whole laser property. But as a result of laser equipment industry since go up the change that the century had produced profundity on the technology since 90 time end, cost is rapid however while laser beam machining equips to promote increasingly in function drop, the costly equipment that can use in the big company such as the car only in former days flies into common entrepreneur increasingly. The fall of the price brings the prosperity of the market, accordingly although be in in recent years because market of equipment of laser beam machining is affected gross backwater by macroscopical economy not below the circumstance before, OIDA still hopeful forecast, in the near future inside sale of equipment of laser beam machining year increase rate will achieve 6-10% . Equipment of laser beam machining develops a tendency: The century on the 4 big growth that breakthrough of 3 old techniques brings laser beam machining to equip since 90 time end, equipment of laser beam machining is in laser source, detect 3 respects such as control unit, computer and software gained revolutionary headway. In laser source respect, aeriform laser transforms to solid laser, riverside of krypton lamp pump transforms to semiconductor pump riverside, volume of laser happening unit is greatly contractible, density of quality of beam of light, energy rises greatly. In small-power laser, with laser of riverside of YAG, semiconductor pump (firm frequency of pulse, successive, single standard, small piece, times frequency) , ultraviolet the small-sized, accurate processing technique that laser gives priority to develops quickly. The statistic 2000 makes clear group of international laser industry, solid laser and production value of CO2 laser industry occupy laser material to machine industrial total production value respectively 36% with 46% . But because solid laser development is rapid, in recent years equipment of solid laser beam machining had exceeded equipment of CO2 laser beam machining in domestic sales revenue. Detect in the key and respect of athletic control unit, equipment of laser beam machining and contemporary detect technology, real time control is united in wedlock increasingly close together, the system is compositive contain real time to detect, feedback processing, electric machinery is entered by the pace to servo again to gradual progress of linear electric machinery, the system reacts speed is accelerated greatly, bulk is contractible, the structure is more simple, make make adroitly become a possibility. As the rapid development of semiconductor and computer technology, data processing and deferent ability rise considerably, the abundance of software promoted expert system build, treatment system intelligence is changed already made development trend, laser is online treatment becomes common, and the expanded to stimulate market of equipment of laser beam machining conversely again growth of online processing technique, laser beam machining is in information mark, cut, solder, the application of the domain such as bore gets be extendinged ceaselessly. Equipment of laser beam machining develops at present most rapid is to be in domain of industry of laser information mark. The miniaturization that the main reason that the high speed of this one domain grows depends on machining equipment, desktop is changed, change quickly, this " 3 change " make laser hits sign chance to be able to enter the office like the laser printer is a family even (if be necessary) . 1996, countrywide laser hits the sales volume of sign chance to still be less than 10, and big 2003 a group of things with common features laser sold 1700, will achieve 2500 more this year. We predict future 10 years inside, this industry makes progress the whole world year demand attains 1 million market scale, in those days, appear 9 beautiful can, it is none strange that love general gives birth to such enterprise. CNC Milling CNC Machining