Supply the common procedure that catenary devises

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When 1 helix designs model Lawson(1980) to study design and the feature that design a process circularly, think to design behavior to be like next features: (1) design target and design requirement are very difficult clear description; (2) the design is an everlasting process; (3) the design always has drawback; (4) the criterion value of design and person is concerned; (5) designs the occurrence of the settlement of the problem and problem to exist at the same time; Program of nonexistent best design; (The purpose that 7) designs is to carry out. From the point of the behavior characteristic of the design, systematic design process is the process of an open sex, it is the process that a helix rises. The Gane in the process and Sarson are developed in software (1979) built a helix to design a model, boehm (1988) its development designs a model circularly for helix, kidd (1994) it transplanting is designed to brisk business. Accordingly, the design process that supplies chain also is process of design of loop of a helix. Each 2 node that organize yuan of model to supply chain are the collect adult that is the center, person that is a tool with computer network, information and organization with information processing, we are described with Agent. Agent has the definition of narrow sense and broad sense. Narrow sense will tell, agent is to point to an intelligence system (or act as agent) , it is a software or information system commonly, the is software world intelligence system that we weigh. But broad sense will tell. Agent is to point to " the member in the network of the independent mutual collaboration that distributing " . Macroscopical go up, it is us point to join in supply chain " agent " ; Be based on what the mechanism of collaboration of supply and demand with much compositive Agent points to also is the acting mechanism that is based on this meaning to go up. Organize yuan of model namely Agent model. It is most important to supply catenary to build a model or be designed is an organization yuan decide really. Divisional upper reaches wants to organize in supplying catenary structure yuan with downstream organization yuan, organize because of these two kinds yuan the function is different, the level that consequently its evaluate is different. If we use AHP law to be opposite,organize yuan undertake evaluating, basic frame is shown 1 times like the graph. Organize through evaluating a model to be opposite yuan evaluation, the Agent that actor singles out satisfaction is organized yuan. The rationality of 3 flow is decorated organize in make choice of yuan later, production organizes the working means that the group uses on means, of business flow recombining also is must the job. To come true most the unit combination with the flow of forthright and the shortest time, need builds a flow to analyse a model (mathematical model) . Nextpage4 task is harmonious with match make choice of to organize yuan with flow later, be about to undertake reasonable configuration from the whole that supplies chain to the resource of the enterprise, maintain the integrated balance between enterprise interior and enterprise. It is to entrust those who realize a mechanism to build above all, it is to use function of object-oriented QFD(product quality to configure next) make with what make demand of stock of decision-making, MRPII and exercise plan etc. The 5 performance that supply catenary to reframe to supply catenary to move to increase a business, get used to the change of the market, increase the competition ability of the market, the supply that needs pair of industries catenary undertakes optimizing with rebuild. Pass those who supply chain to reframe obtain more careful, nimble, flexible industry competition advantage. HauL.

The person such as Lee is right supply chain reframe lay particular stress on at selling chain (supply chain downstream) reframe grind, investigate, formulated a few reframing strategy, be like TPLP(Third Party Logistics Provider) , VMI(Vendor Management Inventory) , Postponement; Towill is right also those who supply chain reframe undertook study, offerred the methodological model that reframes about supplying chain. Studying those who put forward as follows we are preliminary on the foundation of forefathers supply catenary to reframe model, if pursue,2 are shown. Supply chain reframe, should make clear reframing target above all, if shorten,order goods periodic, raise service level, reduce freight, reduce inventory, increase manufacturing transparency to wait. The company has after making clear reframing target diagnose and reframe to study politicly, those who need ambitious shift is to reframe to choose politicly. The result that must diagnose according to the enterprise will choose to reframe politic, it is radical still be advance gradually. But anyhow, what should obtain value rise in value and user satisfaction what reframe to spend as a result is remarkable rise, this is we are carried out supply catenary government from beginning to end a principle and main body restrain importunate condition. Metabolic matrix is to reframe target and the existing transition that supply chain, establish can implement action plan after metabolic matrix, if improve the reform of the adjustment of manufacturing system, personnel, orgnaization,wait. Action program is organized from innovation and two respects have innovation mechanism. The revolution of 90 time business management that 6 conclusion are forerunner with breathing out the company that silent offers to recombine, drove business management of a whole world to change. Be made adroitly and industry trends alliance makes new industry competition pattern and development trend, supplied chain management to comply with this kind of enterprise to develop tide just about, it is the is guidance with compositive thought new management pattern that is based on a system. Those who supply chain build model and rebuild, it is a when supply catenary government serious content, the safeguard that apace realizes a cheap, high grade enterprise to supply chain is success of camp of already of look forward to and the important mark that reach nimble sex. As a result of the change of the market, the diversification of competitive aggravate and customer demand (namely the "3C") that people place says, build Gao Rou sex and nimble sex supply chain management system to be become supply catenary design and rebuilding key. Article basis supplies the characteristic of chain management, to supplying chain establish and reframe the research that had methodology, put forward to supply catenary design and rebuilding principle and method, to will consider to supply catenary government henceforth the system considered to lay a foundation. CNC Milling CNC Machining