Shallow talk about container of urea high pressure to solder contact quality control

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Summary: The limitation that to fertilizer unit urea container of 4 great maximum pressure produces because of corroding undertakes the article analyse and give classification, put forward solder to fill quality pilot has in eliminating blemish process concrete step. Keyword: ; of container of urea high pressure solders contact; quality controls urea of chemical fertilizer of 1 blemish state container of 4 great maximum pressure (syringe of tower of urea synthesis tower, armour amine condenser, strip, high pressure) the operation runs in all be armour amine, urea amine, CO2, water at medium, high-pressured container liner and row are in charge of: Material is 316L urea class or X2CrNi-Mo25-22-2 character, actuating pressure is 13.

7MPa controls the temperature inside; container to be 183 ℃ . Often cause device to jockey often because of leak because of corroding, cannot production of actor of smooth and steady overgrow. Pass examination, analysis, discover each device basically put in the following blemish: 1.

1 urea synthesizes the main attaint of the tower to a woman's head-ornaments is corroded, the isolated corrosion of liner layer, choose the crackle of bearing support welding line, cavity and decrease thin, liner welding line is corroded optionally and decrease thin. 1.

The main attaint of 2 strip tower has the stress of layer of v of fluctuation tube plate to corrode crackle, the weld defects that list a canal causes the liner of welding line leak to be corroded optionally. 1.

The main attaint of condenser of 3 armour amine has a canal to weld defects causes welding line leak and bring about carbolic steel tube plate to corrode, the aperture of liner and tube plate is corroded, the stress that list a canal corrodes crackle. 1.

The main attaint of syringe of 4 high pressure has a canal to weld defects causes welding line leak and bring about carbolic steel tube plate to corrode. 2 eliminate blemish solder filling program → of cleared blemish of → of type of affirmatory blemish of chromatic examination → chooses to solder except clean → ferrite of visual examination → of → of methodological → filling solder determines → chromatic examination. The processing technique of all sorts of blemish and solder methodological choice is shown like subordinate list place. 3 solder fill operation method 3.

Of 1 solder material choose 3.


Brand of 1 welding rod: PHLIPS, φ of BM310Mo -L; diameter of electrode 2.

5mm, φ 3.

15mm. 3.


Brand of 2 welding wire: 2mm of φ of diameter of 25-22-2LMN; welding wire, φ 2.

5mm. 3.

2 welder art parameter 3.


1 manual arc welding (SMAW) craft parameter: Dc receives law; to solder instead electric current: φ 2.

5mm is 65~75A, φ 3.

15mm solders for 80~90A; speed: Length of welding line metal / welding rod uses up length = 0.


9. 3.


Solder of arc of 2 manual argon (GTAW) craft parameter: Argon enrages purity > 99.

99% , argon throughput 7~ 9L/min, φ of tungsten pole diameter 2.

5mm, 2mm of φ of diameter of welding wire of 12mm; of nozzle diameter φ , φ 2.

5mm; tungsten extremely extend length 6~7mm; to solder electric current: φ 2mm is 80~90A, φ 2.

5mm, for 85~95A. 3.

Prepare before 3 solder 3.


1 groove preparation and surface purify urea to synthesize tower liner to if the graph is shown 1 times,subsidize groove of plank butt joint. The high-pressured sealing surface, weld defects that list a canal, alternative corrode, the groove type such as aperture corrode is like graph 2~4 place to show. 3.


After 2 surfaces purify welding wire to must be cleaned with acetone, wrap up with clean model film stand-by, pollute in case, the acetone of application of weld zone region that two side 30mm is in groove and groove is cleaned wait for solder. 3.

The 4 quality that apply solder control measure 3.


1 forbidden arc is hit in random of area of mother capable person or bring arc and form electric arc abrade, make form new blemish hidden trouble, notice the burnish between the layer. 3.


The 2 temperature between the layer should be controlled in 100 ℃ , facilitating control heat inputs a quantity. 3.


3 blame solder area is due preventive measure, lest produce fusion sex,splatter. 3.


4When GTAW solders, welding wire must control the argon in laminar flow inside gas groove guard, in order to prevent combustion, the burnish after attenuation is used 2 times when receiving arc and be being brought to hole of arc of blame weld cram is flowing. 3.


Layer of 5 filling solder should be two the least, lest affect corrosion resistance because of dilute of welding line metal. 3.


6 arc and connect receive arc place to should hit wear length to be 8~10mm brae, can keep clear of already so metalloid oxide and low melting point in all brilliant, can control solder to again over all dimension. 3.


When 7 canals are in solder to fill, its are in charge of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces to connect argon to enrage protection (use special tool) oxidize in order to avoid high temperature, improve result of welding line refrigeration. 3.


Cannot appear when 8 burnish deep orchid color (metallic) , prevent quantity of heat too big, answer to use mill of wind milling cutter to remove limitation as far as possible. 3.


Filling job should use the solder with 9 big workload energy of symmetrical, converse section, flyer, narrow solder path applies solder. Solder do not do transverse swing, v height should not exceed 3mm. 3.


The ground floor of 10 multilayer welding should undertake ferrite determine to solder path, eligible and rear can continue to apply solder. The visual examination after solder of the visual examination after 4 solder not sex of abrade of slag inclusion of crackle of be patient of, stomatic, surface, shrinkage cavity, electric arc, fusion splatters, bite the flesh to wait for blemish. Solder fills again after burnish eliminates flaw otherwise, figuration should round glide is crossed. Welding line over all dimension checks welding line width to should exceed 1~1 of primary welding line.

5mm, welding line is more than completely high 1.

5~2mm, difference of welding line discretion is not more than 1mm. The welding line altitude that nears tube wall does not get prep above primary welding line 0.

5 Mm, apply electric wheelhead to repair the remelting after grinding otherwise pliable. In-house quality controls as follows: 4.

Ferrite of 1 welding line determines the ferrite content requirement of requirement and mother capable person is identical. Ferrite content ≤ 0.

6% , after needing to will exceed mark to be in burnish to be 4mm to deepness otherwise, press former welder art heavy solder. 4.

2 chromatic examinations not any blemish show be patient of, need burnish solder to fill otherwise. Container of high pressure of urea of 5 last words moves through a periodic job, solder joint did not appear any welding line blemish. Accordingly, want to abide by abidance quality to control a process only, can achieve expect the result. CNC Milling CNC Machining