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Regard power project as the supplier of the domain, the KST limited company of Berlin trusts the technology of 5 axes milling that comes from DMG. DMU 340P of thousand milling center is his strategical the foundation that business extends. KST makes high quality part to light gas and vapour steamer mechanism and get a name, these turbine basically are used in large power plant, KST has had Aersitong, Xi Menzi and Laosilaisi to wait for a lot of big clients. "The more complex part, suit our manufacturing combination more. " a technical assault fortified positions is job of Dr. Heiko Dittmer main component (graph 1) . Through providing necessary expertise, KST helps a client resolve difficult problem and the higher demand that satisfy a client. KST did not produce his product, the large company that basically builds an industry for the power plant provides production service, these companies include Aersitong and Xi Menzi. "Our client develops a product, we make these parts strictly according to their standard. " the function that company director describes KST so. The 3/4 in company business is made for spare parts, additionally the business of 1/4 is make new turbine part. To wide component range, KST basically participates in the production domain of single component, order treatment time limit is very normally nervous, this is why the account that Dr. Heiko Dittmer puts speed and efficient machine treatment in the first place. "Deliver the goods to rely on our manufacturing time not only on time, data is obtained inside very short time also very not easy. " because this is in of KST process catenary optimize also mean get data quickly, with making the component is produced but immediateness start working. The technical tricks of the trade that uses exterior expert is KST optimize the job on the other hand. To achieve this goal, KST invited a company technically to undertake all and necessary welder make inside its factory. This makes power plant expert OK concentrate energy completely at metallic cutting to machine technological process (for instance turning is mixed milling) . The efficient movement of garden of machine tool industry reflected the core competition ability of metallic cutting. DMG -- a series of component profit from that powerful copartner KST produces the machine tool plan of its elaborate design. Be in early 1998, KST installed a 5 axes DMU 80T that buys from DMG, installed DMU 125P and DMU 160P again subsequently machine tool of two 5 axes. Latter, still installed DMU340P of thousand milling center inside new workshop (graph 2) . "On one hand we can groom on old machine employee, be without misgive ground to let them be in next large the job on 340 machine tools. On the other hand, the client increases increasingly to the demand of larger part, to this we ourselves can have been handled now. " Dr. Heiko Dittmer explains so to investing a method. KST orders this kind single cross to give minute of bag trader before. Limited company of graph 2 KST was bought from DMG of late at present machine tool of the largest 5 axes milling and a DMU 340P, be in this " thousand milling center " on the machine tool, treatment of OK and highest accuracy hefts KST 1.

The DMU 340P of large and heavy work of 6t can handle a diameter 3m, tall 1.

The machine of 5m component is machined, this is the outstanding contribution that KST obtains. A when buy this machine tool main factor is treatment of 5 axes machine. The part that this makes to KST is not indispensable, but a lot of bore must be made with different point of view it is OK to mean 5 axes greatly spare time. The decision is bought from DMG also is to stem from long-term business relation. According to HeikoDittmer place character, not be critical factor to this price itself: "It is very important to us to consult goodly and serve reliably, and we know we get these in DMG more even. There still is unused space inside the new production workshop of KST, we will install a few new machine tools stage by stage. The target is very specific: Make full use of the yield that produces a workshop can extend component range of products. " the CEO of future of have sth in mind continues say: " long-term development, buying DMU500 is patulous the optimal choice of our machine tool industry. " use existing machine tool, KST can process the data of a few solid that is hard to process. The treatment of nickel radical alloy and polish steel products needs special machine tool. Exterior accuracy (general tolerance limits is 1/100) the part that makes to KST is very important. Machine treatment is high speed normally cutting and discharge bits to operate the measure of a balance between energetically. The significant benefit of traditional the sources of energy uses as the expert that is turbine component, KST is dedicated at making part of large power plant, these power plants use traditional the sources of energy to generate electricity. Dr. Haimer Dittmer is opposite from industrial point of view but the discussion of second birth the sources of energy made an assessment: "We are OK and soon contented use but the home of second birth the sources of energy uses electric demand, is not industrial electric demand. But also can discover a lot of potential in traditional energy field. The project of harbor shows Oscar of Swedish nuclear power plant, need to optimize blade and temperature control only, can promote the efficiency of vapour turbine amount to 30% . " also can discover similar potential in coal power plant. The long life in view of the power plant period, the such leap of efficiency level is breathtaking. "Modernization just undertakes after a lot of power plants moved 40 years at least or rebuild completely, power project has obtained tremendous progress now. " KST CEO explanation says. Personalized business regards a production service as the supplier, the client of KST group relatively lesser, but relative stability. These business relation are to come for years the result that individuation serves, dr. HeikoDittmer explanation says. Business more standardization of personalized and rather than. Personalized service is particularly important to new client, because be compared with the business posture of other company, KST service needs more explanations. "Manual and many network reveal the product that value does not poor to did not have too big effect to us, " the CEO of KST says, "Our client has adequate technical knowledge, need to see next pictures can know the complex extent of the component only. " Dr. Heiko Dittmer thinks current condition is pretty good: "We are a companies that growing, potential client pervades the whole world. " KST will continue dedicated at generating electricity domain. In the near future, promote be the addition that cannot satisfy requirement of the sources of energy through efficiency merely, accordingly, traditional power plant still will build in succession. CNC Milling CNC Machining