Use Gemini purifies air

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To make sure air quality standard is good, accord with safe requirement and manufacturing need, to can purifying appliance of the airy inside working environment, its market demand is increasing increasingly. Losma, regard production as the main company of air exhaust filter, rolled out Gemini, this is a kind of new-style oily mist, vapour and soot filter, can satisfy popular requirement. Before if terminal user need is right narrow environment undertakes, hind filter processing, as good solution, the proposal uses Gemin: In fact, gemini has good appearance and measure, can be record in machine tool interior. In the production of Gemini, dependability and practical the first consideration that is Losma technology personnel, through undertaking study to proper patent, they obtained efficient filter, it has remarkable human nature to change a characteristic on the design, make filter changes the operation is fast and practical. Gemini has S model with M model, among them S handling capacity is 600m3/h; And M for 1200m3/h. Of the product filter efficiency comes for 95 % 99.

95 % , try test and verify of proved recipe law through CEI EN. As a result of the basis the specific application of terminal user and real need choose and configure filter, can optimize so maintain time and pattern. And to bad smell or dangerous emission, gemini also can make do effectively, deploy the filter after activated carbon for its namely. CNC Milling CNC Machining