Frequency control implement the application in education test equipment

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Foreword is current school of each old technical secondary school is in our country the harmful caustic gas such as many soda acid produced in chemical experiment process, to protect health of body and mind of teachers and students, beautification education environment and improve education quality, must have classroom of toxic gas eduction handling, use a FS4-72-6A for this plastic and centrifugal fanner, in all power is 4kW, wind force is 6840-12700m3/h, ~ 785pa of total pressure 1138Pa, make every lab average 2 ~ 3 minutes of take a breath, and the timing control system previously uses excitation timing electric machinery, or cent archives is adjusted, short of is ventilated the rated rotate speed of the requirement, make performance data is reduced greatly, the flying development as technology of electric power electron, microelectronics technology and control technology communicated frequency control technology to also receive very big development application. Because its installation is convenient the operation is simple, and have physical characteristic range of hard, timing is wide, precision is tall, power factor is mixed high efficiency is advanced a series of advantages, realize closed circuit easily to accuse oneself again, become means of stepless speed regulation of AC motor optimal. 2.

The good character of frequency control system passes serious research and analysis, we choose Shenzhen to install state to believe the AMB-G7-3R7T3 that electronic limited company produces transducer, the FS4-72-6A that my factory produces form a complete set is plastic and centrifugal type fanner, this system used 16 microprocessor to make central control unit (CPU) , complete digitlization, completely modular devise plan, implement stepless speed regulation to common three-phase asynchronous electromotor. (1) transducer volume is minor, installation is convenient, have keypad, imitate potential, voltage source current source, the program moves, place frequency to move, all sorts of input means such as computer interface, control means goes to the lavatory neatly. (2) uses module of power of newest generation IGBT, frequency of highest carrier wave amounts to 16KHz, electromotor does not have electromagnetism noise basically. (3) uses wide modulation of SPWM sine arteries and veins to control fashion, SPWM is broad series of arteries and veins occupy sky comparing to press sine rule change, the voltage pulse of such output can make the component of Gao Cixie wave in load current is reduced greatly, move smooth, efficiency is as high as 97.

5% , power factor is more than 0.

95, below any laden conditions, can adjust output, make electromotor lies optimal moving condition. (Adjuster of PID of the buy inside 4) , can realize simple closed-loop control, because have multistage fast function, also can use digitlization but process designing kind moves, run software through interface of RS-485 computer network and monitoring, can go to the lavatory the couplet net that realizes the computer moves, repair the functional parameter that changes transducer, control transducer is started stop, monitor its run state, realize real time to protect, gao Ke relies on to move, show compendious breakdown diagnoses information, help user determines breakdown cause. (5) automatic stabilized voltage. In the input voltage wave motion falls, output tension is basic and constant, maintain V/F the value is constant, low speed runs stability, the moment of force that start is large, overload capability is strong, electric current of the biggest overload is 150%1 cent to plant, 180%2 second. (6) protection function is perfect. The transducer that start has self check to setting of parameter of transducer interior condition first, buy electron heats up protection and electromotor overload protection inside, press to inputting output side to had been executed owe press protection, output carries alternate with to short circuit, open circuit, ground connection is protected and call the police in real time, indicate breakdown code and numerical value, convenient remove trouble. (Character of 7) liquid crystal, the graph shows, man-machine interface is friendly, automatic switch controls double clavier, this machine operates free choice remotely. 3.

Frequency control implement the application in the ventilated system that discharge poison. The fan before my factory uses move below rated rotate speed all the time, wind speed of each convulsions mouth amounts to the biggest wind speed, wind speed produces a kind of acerb sound greatly too, increased noise, together with arrives in the winter, the student feels colder, go against the education of classroom so, also created much electric energy waste at the same time, and the cubic metre of the power consumption that frequency conversion technology uses fan and rotate speed becomes direct ratio, reduce rotate speed, its power consumption comes to the principle that reduces substantially undertake controlling, satisfied craft requirement namely so, managing much electric energy. The program moves show programmable is multistage speed decides fortune to go, the teacher can attend class according to oneself requirement, section set traversal speed, the parameter such as time, transducer moves automatically by the program according to set parameter. Ventilated timing system puts frequency conversion of 4 use effects on the market more than two years come, brought very big economy effectiveness for this factory and user, will tell to this factory, increased product class, those who improved a product dispute ability unexpectedly, made an appointment with a lot of maintenance to differ travel expenses with season, will tell to the user, went to the lavatory while education experiment undertakes, obtained apparent energy-saving fall action of a confusion of voices, become the concern of direct ratio according to the cubic metre of electromotor power consumption and rotate speed, after using transducer, average and energy-saving in 40% above, at the same time the adoption as a result of transducer the noise original 65dB, fell 55dB, the health of body and mind that is teachers and students made important contribution. CNC Milling CNC Machining