The grinding of high accuracy public errand is machined

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Machine tool itself is not the only secret recipe that obtains treatment of high accuracy grinding, the element such as the intelligence of system of nap of emery wheel and granuality, emery wheel, software system, operator is right the treatment of high accuracy product produces the effect that having a key. Grinding treatment becomes people more and more the treatment means that is happy to use. Machine a standard to satisfy today's high accuracy, grinding treatment has made only treatment way even sometimes. Drop of the price ceaselessly as CBN emery wheel, grinder already made a kind of more commercial product. Through using more new-style abrasive size adequately, grinder and grinding craft had rise and improve further. Now, whole market basically by more accurate grinder place forestall. But, machine tool itself is not the only secret recipe that obtains treatment of high accuracy grinding, the element such as the intelligence of system of nap of emery wheel and granuality, emery wheel, software system, operator is right the treatment of high accuracy product produces the effect that having a key. We part to try to introduce to afore-mentioned elements that these influence grinder machine quality below. Emery wheel and academy of technology of level of state of granuality United States (NIST) the research that basically devotes oneself to high-powered grinding craft. Recently, the researcher of NIST is seeking a kind to use monolayer abrasive (SLA) the craft of high speed grinding of emery wheel. In case of a treatment, they use the SLA emery wheel of diameter of a 254mm, the circumstance when moving with the exterior linear velocity of the rotate speed of 14000 R/min and 186m/s to its undertook study. Result discovery, as the addition of grinding time, the bare grow in quantity wearing bead on emery wheel, wear away the face expands, appear successive particle grinds blunt phenomenon, grinding temperature and grinding strength also rise subsequently, but happen without the disintegrate that wear bead or desquamation circumstance. Mechanical engineers try to understand what how feed and speed affect SLA emery wheel to wear away, so that because planar area wears away,be found,raise the pattern that the latent heat that causes damages, forecast can adjust effectively the variable that manufactures technology. For this, researcher scale the microstructure graph of emery wheel surface. Move with different feed and different speed as emery wheel those who cause wear away the addition of degree, show its to grind a size, appearance and the change that distributing. Chart shows, the amount wearing bead of certain emery wheel exceeded the amount that needs actually, and grind bead to should diffuse distributing, is not in emery wheel surface " bear case " . NIST classics considers to confirm: When use SLA emery wheel, should not go with same feed and speed grinding each spare parts, because ideal cutting parameter is met,wear away as emery wheel the different and constant change of degree. Should distinguish treat different treatment spare parts, adjust appropriately variable, can reduce the finished cost of each spare parts greatly so, also won't waste wear bead without a large number of use emery wheel. Want to get enough information to forecast the cutting parameter of emery wheel, the appearance that this asks SLA emery wheel wears bead and dimension must be regular. If the user knows the microstructure of emery wheel pursues, and the surface of emery wheel is consistent, can undertake process designing to cutting variable so, with compensating emery wheel wear away parameter. System of emery wheel nap considers to make clear, device of nap of CNC numerical control and phonate of sensor use, reduced grinding cycle time. Newest nap technology has applied photograph contrast in design of more special machine tool, emery wheel or manufacturing application. For example, ELID grinding is one kind is used in machining a process electroanalysis nap emery wheel and the novel grinding method that photograph of groovy and mechanical grinding combines. On the base that uses bond selectively, can realize efficient grinding and mirror grinding. Same, use at King Kong emery wheel and CBN the binder of new-style glass shape of super abrasive, to those special application the system of emery wheel nap that uses in the domain raised new requirement. The client has very clear demand to emery wheel, for instance better dimension public errand, taper is mixed circularity, use a field in auto industry and bearing especially. Accordingly, the hope can raise the grinding rate of material 16.

39cm3/min, make Cpk value maintains at the same time in 1.

33 or better level. Ensure bearing part is better circularity and surface are bright and clean it is very important to spend, it will conduce to reduce attrition force, lower noise and Ka Da voice, prolong service life. The porous emery wheel that company of holy dagger class improves to the course with respect to the key undertook study too. No matter use common abrasive to still use CBN data, always use a field in accurate car grinding treatment, emery wheel should use agglutination of vitreous shape binder to be made, this can make abrasive has much better felt power, obtain taller grinding to compare. Of emery wheel porous can make emery wheel heads more grinding cooling fluid division of the arc that cut bits, and also can cut bits to withhold larger space to grinding, can reduce grinding so the spare parts inside the area and cut the mutual attrition between bits. The bulk of the abrasive in emery wheel uses an organization normally (common abrasive) or chroma (corundum or CBN material) will describe. Generally speaking, always accumulate in interface bigger and taller to sensitivity of metallographic structure attaint application domain, be like peristaltic feed grinding, double plate or tall alloy steel a kind material, should use an organization loose or chroma is inferior (abrasive volume is minor) emery wheel. Company of holy dagger class' new common abrasive technology can acquire more loose emery wheel organization, and do not need to use artificial porous means. Emery wheel of nap of production of company of American Truing Systems uses corundum roller and emery wheel nap piece, the public errand of its product is achieved 0.

5 Mm, have very the globose dimension of high accuracy, use standard also raises present Ra4 by the Ra16 in the past. In 20 centuries 90 time, the turning of horniness material machines Ceng Yi to spend the market that occupational grinding machines, but present situation is apropos and opposite. We can change this the price fall of ascribe CBN material, and grinding treatment is more comfortable the treatment at harder data. Truing Systems company reduces grinding cycle time through cutting nap cycle, raise the consistency of emery wheel. In addition, rough stuff is met of aggravate emery wheel wear away, because this requirement uses a kind of coarser nap system. The corundum roller of Truing Systems company is for specific project design, include material of the type of arenaceous bead, size, chroma, felt and oilstone measure among them. There may be the corundum that amounts to 6 kinds of different types and chroma on a roller. The fixed position of roller and emery wheel relies on the precision of the machine tool. The Tru Tech company of the city is aimed at Mixiegen grinder of numerical control of high accuracy CNC established a very rigid standard, these grinder are for grinding cylinder spare parts design. Its characteristic is as follows: Rate of □ main shaft is adjustable, rotate speed limits is 2000 ~ 5000 R/min, can use at the finish machining of all sorts of surfaces; The fixed position of □ machine tool uses a pace to enter motor, is not servo electric machinery. The resolution of this kind of motor coder is very high, the machine tool can be pressed 0.

Class of 00003 Mm increment edits. Nap of □ online emery wheel can allow emery wheel to be on main shaft plastic nap, emery wheel has finer face bright and clean spend and longer service life. This company uses 3 axes grinding machine, deserve to have an emery wheel, a variety of form can be processed in the grinding on a spare parts. Need to use a program and clip of attune trial assembly only, this grinder can use grinding of emery wheel of a 1A1 to machine the many step, radius, angle, bevel that oppose drill and plunge a point. Afore-mentioned features of grinding machine of Tru Tech company make of its grinding circularity precision can be achieved 0.

0004 Mm. The eccentricity between diameter of spare parts of all standard type maintains in 0.

In limits of 0008 Mm public errand, the eccentricity public errand of tall nicety spare parts is in 0.

In 00003 Mm. The system of nap of 3 axes emery wheel of Tru Tech company can assure the function of high accuracy grinding of grinder. Software system software can help the new operator that has any operation experience hardly work on the machine tool, and the machine program of major work can be in 5min the work out is finished. The function that the software of Tru Tech company has ego to groom and inside buy " help " kinescope, through kinescope directive operator undertakes process designing, debug, the job such as setting and preventive maintenance, and do not need to leave a machine tool. This one software makes the company grooms in across the flexibility in the process of employee rises greatly, reduced groom charge. The trade is processed in grinding, it is very difficult to should find a skilled jockey. Tru Tech company made the high accuracy grinding machine that deserves to have software of good user interface, anybody can learn very quickly to operate, solved the problem that skilled jockey lacks. Two crucial questions that dynamic tigidity and tigidity of thermal stability trends and thermal stability are precision of grinder of Studer of influence UGT company. UGT company choose and employ persons builds granite (this kind of material is main make by granite block and epoxy resin felt) replace cast-iron, reduced the vibration of the machine tool thereby, increased the thermal stability of machine tool interior. Studer grinder is used at all the time relatively the bearing grinding treatment of high accuracy. In the past, UGT company uses fluid motivation bearing, but convert however now ball bearing of contact of high accuracy, horn. When speed happening changes, can provide very tall precision and bigger flexibility. However, on certain and special machine tool, use fluid motivation bearing on the special machine tool that machines atomizer for example. When grinding chuck, its circularity public errand is in 0.

2 ~ 0.

Between 4mm, jacket of Studer machine tool has the drive of linear electric machinery that designs technically, it can make machine precision to achieve 10nm. The good point that uses linear electric machinery is cutting handling time shorter, time of managing fixed position, linear electric machinery can be mixed with the speed of 30m/min 3m/s2 acceleration high speed is mobile. American car and truck manufacturer are in treatment of bevel gear component, more apt uses grinding to machine craft. Old method is machine treatment, heat treatment, next abrade, new method is treatment of machine treatment, heat treatment, grinding. With old method abrade a gear is combined when, between pinion and gear cooperate to cannot depart, any gear cannot change arbitrarily. If use grinding to machine a method, pinion and gear are OK crossing-over, and mix very easily assemble together, unoccupied place error of the form of tine side geometry that processes because of grinding and tine is very small, the interchangeability between spare parts and spare parts is very good. Company of Bevel Gear Technology discovers, the percent defective that uses abrade method is very tall. And when using grinding to machine, on gear tolerancepublic errand can be corrected very easily, and can make percent defective tends 0. It is in the car component of front-wheel drive, helix bevel gear and same apt uses the precision work of gear grinding treatment. Because increase through the torque of these positive drive,this is, realize the demand that reduces noise in taller drive speed limits especially. Hot issue also is a main problem that should consider. The design thought of the Gleason company of new York city is the means that changes with removing measure automatically will prevent to heat up an influence, the size variation look forward to that perhaps does not let heat up an influence to cause reachs work area. Additional, still can use average cooling fluid temperature to control law and to main machinery the spare parts uses complex temperature compensation method. CNC Milling CNC Machining