ANSYS parameter is optimized and probability design packs the application that go up in ultrasonic welder

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Summary: Ultrasonic technology applies already extensively at metal, plastic welder art in. Welder is installed (Horn) , because its are right the structure is kinetic the high-powered requirement of the respect, method of the traditional pattern, design that build a model already cannot get used to the requirement with plastic changeful product. The article from ultrasonic plastic soldering principle proceed with, through finite yuan the law undertakes natural frequency and mode are analysed, design new-style tool, contented and effective deliver the function with energy of equal apportionment vibration to ask. The parameter that combines ANSYS in designing a process is changed build design of test of model, complete gene to optimize (DOE) design a system with probability (PDS) module, undertake parameter design and hale sex are designed, adjust geometrical dimension, make the natural frequency of tool and ultrasonic frequency match, corresponding mode is in working surface amplitude is even, reduced the problem that local structure stress centers, to the parameter of material and environment at the same time change has better adaptability. Designs tool machines the investment that finish to use, avoided to relapse the waste on the time that nap tool place brings and cost. Keyword: Experimental design, parameter is optimized, hale sex design, ultrasonic is plastic solder the 1 preface development as ultrasonic technology, its application is wider and wider, can use clean tiny and smudgy grain, also can be used at the metal or solder plasticly. Especially present plastic products, use ultrasonic to solder mostly, because of leave out bolt structure, can make the exterior more perfect, and still have waterproof and dustproof function. Among them plastic welder is installed (Horn) design to soldering finally quality and productivity are having main effect. Use ultrasonic also is in the production of new-style ammeter fluctuation confluence of two faces carapace arrives one case, but the discovery in using a process, some tool installation use very short period of time to produce the invalidation such as craze to the machine, some tool solder the ratio of defects of the product is taller. All sorts of breakdown caused quite serious effect to production. According to understanding, because equipment supplier is finite to the design ability of tool,be, often be through relapsing long model reachs design target. The tool with the technical advantage durable development that accordingly we are necessary to use oneself and a reasonable design method. 2 ultrasonic are plastic solder principle ultrasonic is plastic soldering was to use thermoplastic plastic when high frequency forced vibration, mutual attrition produces solder side local high temperature melts method of a kind of treatment. Solder to achieve good ultrasonic the effect, need a few respects such as equipment, stock and craft parameter cooperate. Introduce its principle simply below. 2.

1 ultrasonic is plastic solder the system pursues 1 it is to solder systematic sketch map. Electric energy is put through signal generator and result, generation ultrasonic frequency is led (>20 KHz) hand in become telegraphic date, add to transducer (the pottery and porcelain that suppress report) . Through transducer, electric energy turns into the energy of mechanical vibration, the amplitude of mechanical vibration by luffing implement adjust to appropriate working amplitude, carry tool head next (welder is installed) , even ground delivers the stock that contacts to it to go up. Two solder the interface of stock does high frequency forced vibration, attrition heat build-up brings about local high temperature to melt, the stock after refrigeration is united in wedlock, implementation solders. Graph 1: Ultrasonic is plastic solder systematic sketch map is soldering in the system, signal source is circuit part, include result discharge route, its frequency stability and force of drive kinetic energy can affect the performance of the machine. Stock is thermoplastic plastic, how does the design need consideration that combines an aspect produce heat energy and butt joint quickly good. Transducer, luffing implement can regard rigid structure with tool head, facilitating analysis its oscillatory coupling. Be in plastic in soldering, mechanical vibration is transmitted with the form of longitudinal wave, how to pass energy and the point that adjusting amplitude is a design effectively. 2.

2 tools head (welder is installed) tool head solders as ultrasonic the osculatory interface of machine and stock, its are main the function is will by luffing implement the fore-and-aft and mechanical vibration of output delivers stock effectively to go up, uses data is high grade aluminium alloy normally even titanium alloy. Because the design change of plastic stock is much, exterior differ in thousands ways, tool head also wants subsequently and change. The appearance of working surface should cooperate with stock good, in the ability when vibration unapt injury is plastic make clear; Its are first-order and fore-and-aft at the same time oscillatory solid is wanted by frequency with solder the output frequency of machine is harmonious, otherwise oscillatory energy is met by inside bad news is dropped. Tool head is when vibration, local meeting produces stress concentration, how optimizing these local structures also is the issue that the consideration needs when the design. How does the article apply ANSYS to design tool head, optimize a design parameter undertakes discussing with production public errand. The place before the design that 3 welder install is like is narrated, the design that welder installs is quite important. Home has proper motion of many ultrasonic equipment supplier to produce welder to install, but having in them is to be modelled on to already had partly quite, next ceaseless nap tool, test, the method that adjusts repeatedly through this kind achieves the goal with tool and equipment harmonious frequency. The article is passed finite yuan of method, can decide frequency when designing tool, make the tool that come out check result and design frequency error not to cross 1 % . In the meantime, the article introduces DFSS (Design For Six Sigma) concept, undertake optimizing mixing to tool hale design. The concept that 6-Sigma designs is the design that collects client aspirations adequately in designing a process to have specific aim; The deviation that and premeditate produces a course appears possibly, the quality that assures end item distributings inside reasonable level. If the graph is shown 2 times,design circuit, from make design index begin, above all according to already having experience the structure of initial design tool is mixed exterior dimension, parameter is built to turn a model in ANSYS, design through emulating an experiment next (DOE) the important parameter that the method decides the model is medium, according to robust demand, determine numerical value, undertake finding actor with subproblem law to other parameter then. Be being made considering tool and use the influence of parameter of the material in the process, environment, still undertook to its tolerancepublic errand is designed, satisfy the requirement of production cost. Finally is to make, the test examines academic design and factual error, contented design index namely consign is used. Have detailed introduction stage by stage below. Graph 2: Design flow chart 3.

1 geometry exterior is designed (build parameter to turn a model) design welder is installed is to decide its above all roughly geometrical exterior and structure, build parameter to turn a model, so that undertake succeed analysis. Graph 3a) it is the design that most common welder installs, gap of direction of vibration of the edge on the material in an approximate cuboid a certain number of U chamfer. Integral dimension is X, Y, Z3 directional length, normally transverse dimension X is mixed Y and of workpiece be solderinged sizable. The length of Z is equal to the half wavelengh of ultrasonic, because be inside classic oscillatory theory, the first-order axial frequency of strip object is decided by its length, half length as it happens and sound wave frequency match, this kind of design is delayed to use all the time, advantageous the transmission with sound wave. The purpose of U chamfer is the loss that reduces tool transverse vibration, the position, size is mixed tool whole dimension determines a several basises. It is it is thus clear that in this kind of design, the parameter of OK and free adjusting control is less, accordingly we were done on the foundation here improve. Graph 3b) the tool that is new design, more than traditional design parameter of a dimension: Outside arc radius R. Additional, in the working face of tool sculpture gives groove and plastic workpiece surface to cooperate, be helpful for delivering oscillatory energy and protective workpiece to make clear be not harmed. The parameter that has routine in ANSYS to this model is changed build a model, undertake next experiments are designed next. Graph 3: Tool exterior is designed 3.

2DOE experiment is designed (affirmatory and important parameter) DFSS is to solve actual project problem generation, it is not gone after perfect, however effective, hale design. It reflected the idea of 6-Sigma, capture main contradiction, abandon " 99.

97 % " beyond, at the same time the requirement designs pair of environment mutation to have the counteractive capacity that comparative. Accordingly, answer to undertake filtration first before doing target parameter to optimize, winkle has the measure of main effect to the structure, determine their numerical value according to hale sex principle. 3.


1DOE parameter setting and the dimension place that undertake DOE design parameter is tool exterior and U chamfer, in all 8. Target parameter is frequency of first-order axial vibration, affect to soldering because of it the biggest, and the biggest concentration stress and difference of working surface amplitude are restricted as condition variable. The basis already had experience, hypothesis parameter is linear to the influence of the result, because every element is installed only tall, low two levels. Parameter and corresponding name list are as follows: Express 1: Optimize design parameter to contrast the watch is used in front built parameter changes a model to undertake DOE in ANSYS. Because software is restricted, complete factor DOE can use 7 parameter only at most, and the model has 8 parameter, and the 6-sigma software that ANSYS itself does not have major to the analysis of DOE result is so comprehensive, mishandle interact. Accordingly, we use APDL to write the program that DOE is calculated circularly and draws computational result, put these data next the analysis undertakes inside Minitab. 3.


2If the graph is shown 4 times,the DOE of Minitab of DOE result analysis is analysed, include advocate influencing factor analysis and interact analysis. Advocate the change that influencing factor analysis uses at judging which design variable is bigger to target variable influence, point out what is important design variable from this. Analyse the alternant effect between the element next, the purpose is the level of certain factor, make a design variable the coupling degree between decreases. Compare element of a certain design to be in respectively tall, low-level when, the size of degree of other factor change. According to independent axiom, best design is each other not of coupling, because this chooses that level with metabolic minor rate. Graph 4: DOE result analyses the article to be versed in to soldering the analysis of outfit is as a result: Important design parameter is radius of the arc outside tool is mixed groovy width. The level of two parameter is " tall " better, namely radius is taken great value slants in DOE, groove is wide also take slant to be worth greatly. Determined important parameter and their numerical value, use next other a few parameter do a design to optimize in ANSYS, solder with adjusting tool frequency to match the working frequency of machine. Optimize a process following place are narrated. 3.

3 targets parameter is optimized (tool frequency) those who design optimized parameter setting and DOE is similar, different is among them the numerical value of 2 important parameter is already certain, have 3 parameter and material property additionally relevant, regard noise as, cannot make optimize. Remaining 3 parameter that can adjust is the axial position that opens slot, length and tool width. Optimize the subproblem in using ANSYS to approach a way, this is the method of a kind of wide in engineering issue application, particular procedure omits. Notable is to use frequency to regard a target as variable, on the operation need uses a bit skill. Because design parameter is more, span is wide, the oscillatory mode of tool has a lot of inside the frequency limits that be interested. If use the result that mode analyses directly, find out first-order axial mode to compare difficulty from which, the likelihood when changing because of parameter produces phenomenon of mode order stagger, namely former the natural frequency ordinal of mode correspondence can produce change. Because this article uses advanced travel mode to analyse, reach with mode addition method frequency rings next curve, through looking for frequency the peak value of noisy curve can ensure corresponding is the mode frequency of need. This is very important in optimizing a process automatically, avoided the measure that judges mode artificially. Optimize after finishing, can make the design work frequency of tool is close to target frequency very, the error is less than the tolerancepublic errand value that when optimizing, assigns. So far, be versed in furnish plan decides basically, it is to be production to design production public errand next. 3.

The design is in the composition with general design of 4 public errand to design parameter hind to be accused namely entirely certainly finish, but to engineering issue, when the cost that makes considering batch especially, tolerancepublic errand design is indispensable. The cost of low precision also is reduced, but whether contented design index needs to use statistical character to have mensurable consideration. The PDS probability in ANSYS designs a system can public errand of parameter of the better land design that finish and the analysis that target parameter public errand concerns, can produce complete relevant report document. 3.


1PDS parameter is installed and have consideration the train of thought according to DFSS, should patulous to should designing parameter to have noncombatant duty again analysis, other and general noncombatant duty decides according to experience can. The situation of the article is relatively special, because of the ability according to machining, the production common difference of geometrical design parameter is very little, do not have an influence almost to ultimate tool frequency; And the parameter of raw material has bigger difference because of the supplier however, at the same time the price of raw material occupies tool to machine the 80 % above of charge. Need pair of material attribute set so a reasonable tolerancepublic errand range. Relevant material attribute is density here, stretch model quantity and sound wave transmit speed. Tolerancepublic errand analyses the random Monte Carlo in using ANSYS to emulate, method of sampling choice Latin Hypercube, because it can make sample,nod distributing evener and reasonable, it is better to be obtained through less check the number relevant, the article is set nod for 30. Assume the public errand of 3 material parameter distributings by Gauss, preliminary give a fluctuation to be restricted, have consideration in ANSYS next. 3.


2PDS result analyses the computation that passes PDS, gave out the target variable of 30 sampling dot correspondence is worth, if pursue,5 are shown. It is sealed that the target distributings variably, use Minitab software to undertake parameter plans to close again, affirm frequency is basic or according to normal school, can make sure tolerancepublic errand analysis is in so the validity with theoretic statistic. Graph 5: Computation of PDS of distributinging histogram of Monte Carlo emulation frequency gave out from the design variable arrives one target variable public errand plans outspreadly to combine formula: Among them, y is target variable, x is design variable, c is correlation coefficient, I is variable serial number. Accordingly, in can allocating target public errand each design variable, the job that the public errand that finish designs. 3.

What undertake before 5 experiments test and verify is the design process that whole welder installs, the material common difference that after finishing, allows according to the design purchases raw material, next consign is made. Make after finishing, check into travel frequency, mode, adoption test method is the simplest and effective beat strike test law. Because of the index that cares most frequency of first-order axial mode, stick acceleration sensor on working surface so, along axial knock other one aspect of the matter, through chart the analysis can get the actual frequency of tool. The emulation result of the design is 14925 Hz, checking a result is 14954 Hz, frequency resolution is 16 Hz, the biggest error does not exceed 1 % . This shows is finite yuan emulate the accuracy when undertaking mode is calculated very tall. After tool is checking through the experiment, devoted production assembles ultrasonic to solder case of the reaction after be being used on machine is good, the work is steady since much time of use half an year, solder joint rules and forms of classical poetic composition is tall, 3 months that had exceeded acceptance of common equipment business service life. Explain the design is successful from this, and production process was not revised repeatedly, adjust, saved time and manpower material resources. The article connects 4 conclusion associate ultrasonic is plastic solder principle proceed with, master soldering technical stress deep, advance the design idea of new-style tool. Use next finite yuan of powerful emulation function is right the design undertakes concrete analysis, and introduce the 6-Sigma of DFSS devise an idea, the DOE experiment design that adopts ANSYS and analysis of PDS public errand control important design parameter, realize hale sex design. Ultimate tool makes a success, pass the test and verify that experimental frequency checks and produces actually, proving this design is reasonable. Also proved method of this one design is feasible and effective at the same time. CNC Milling CNC Machining