New generation can change a head to establish milling cutter

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Challenge: To establish mill treatment to supply integral hard metal cutting tool is mixed but the double advantage of cutting tool of dislocation razor blade. Solution: New generation can exchange a head establish milling cutter. Be in but between dislocation razor blade and cutting tool of integral hard alloy, one still treats optimized field, this kind is optimized in will making of small diameter those who establish milling cutter to have cutting blade at the same time but a variety of advantages of dislocation sex and cutting tool of integral hard alloy. Up to now, this domain has little progress only, but a new idea is about to bring comprehensive development. Although but technology of dislocation razor blade has a lot of advantages, but cutting tool of contemporary whole hard alloy has long cutting blade, and the advantage that Dou Youming shows like radial and axial feed ability, be opposite especially lesser cutting tool diameter. Joint of precision work of high accuracy, outside, tooth, and light cutting ability is among them a few advantages only. But, use but cutting tool of dislocation razor blade, because change easily the part of blade of the cutting on cutting tool, can optimize this part and need not pay attention to whole cutting tool, have other advantage consequently, for example coating razor blade -- if do not have but concept of dislocation razor blade, introduce impossibly and aggrandizement coating razor blade. But the cutter hub that dislocation razor blade establishs milling cutter to be able to make the smallest diameter be 12 millimeter, it is under this, the outfit of bit is torn open and clamp becomes undertake hard. But, the diameter of cutting tool of integral hard alloy is OK small to very millimeter. And the 10 cutting tool to 25 millimeter can use the diameter these two kinds establish milling cutter, that is to say it involves these two series the extensive field of a variety of cutting tool. Be in just about this domain, can change a head to establish milling cutter be current to rise, it won't but dislocation razor blade (suit tall productivity rough machining to arrive most semifinishing machining) or razor blade of integral hard alloy establishs milling cutter (suit semifinishing machining to arrive most super finish machining) besides the process that eliminates to suit most in its. The 3rd choice is to be able to change a head to establish milling cutter, it is offerred in the alternate domain of two kinds of cutting tool optimize potential. However, want to realize the potential of this one intermediate domain establishing mill, can change head concept to must reach a few levels, among them the most important is interface of milling cutter head and head of series milling cutter. This is new-style the core that can change a head to establish CoroMill 316 of milling cutter concept. The cutting tool interface between the milling cutter head that can exchange a head and knife handle must firm, nicety is operated easily. The milling cutter head that can exchange a head (namely cutting cutting tool) and relevant knife handle series must use latest technology, and must have the true advantage that can change head concept. Cutting tool reachs his to apply a domain to must get quick delivery and the support that use knowledge. The core of CoroMill 316 interface is a tailor-made whorl that owns patent from centering screw. It aims to pull milling cutter head and be secured go up in knife handle, make without clearance. The axial area that prop up is very large, the radial of edge taper seat sustains a scale also is such, the end inside milling cutter head gets knife handle is propped up in-housely, have extremely high bending strength consequently. The milling cutter head that should change needs to rotational pushbutton can locate easily and screw gently only. The result that place of this kind of feature brings is milling cutter there is a distinctive interface between head and knife handle, have the stiffness that rough machining of complete chamfer mill needs already, have the high accuracy that nice precision work needs again. CoroMill316 has the repeatability of length of axial cutting tool, radial and jumpy limitation is inside hundred millimeter. Head of milling cutter of CoroMill 316 series is a foundation with the most advanced CoroMill Plura technology, offer extensive integral hard alloy to establish milling cutter. CoroMill 316 series will be a foundation with these groovy form, include double cutting blade and milling cutter of much cutting blade. Below some circumstances, the tine number that establishs milling cutter must be restricted age in two, because oscillatory tendency is mixed,this is normally / or the cause with machine tool insufficient power, it also suits situations of a lot of application pouring wine cup. Additional, much tine cutting tool can improve manufacturing efficiency, because effective tooth is more, cost of every tine feed is high, suit big workbench feed consequently. CoroMill 316 series includes to show the 40 CoroMill Plura that promote role with 50 degrees of helix head of milling cutter of integral hard alloy, this can provide excellent treatment stability, utmost ground reduces cutting tool be out of shape trend. To fall oscillatory trend to lowest, cutting tool also will be had differ pitch option. High production efficiency and security are CoroMill 316 milling cutter preferential those who have. The can exchange a head milling cutter head of CoroMill 316 will use the latest technology of PVD coating brand, namely GC1030 brand. CoroMill series but the brand of this kind of banner razor blade of dislocation milling razor blade will make head of CoroMill 316 milling cutter the foundation of first set. The PVD coating brand such as GC1030 with sharp cutting blade celebrated, have the tenacity that suits place of diameter of blade of cutting of small-sized milling cutter to need. GC1030 is a kind of steel above all milling brand, fit need solid before the applied circumstance of horny razor blade, basically use at establishing milling cutter application. It still is a kind of current name. Should cut deep lesser, cutting tool is dangerous extend longer, discharge bits difficulty, and milling cutter is cut / when cutting a need to have solid cutting blade, PVD coating brand is best settlement normally method. Can change a head to establish milling cutter concept especially favorable place is, can change easily milling cutter head, need not get off knife handle, also need not make to cutting blade farther install beforehand. The activity of cutting tool room also profit from accuracy and outfit tear open an advantage. Series of knife handle of CoroMill 316 steeliness is had cooperate all sorts of accident the flexibility of straight handle or conic power cutting tool, highlight its strength thereby or hang the advantage that extends length. Bolo handle matchs small milling cutter head to be able to provide high strenth and stability, below a lot of circumstances, straight handle of conic handle and hard alloy has steeliness identical stability. Return the need that can press specific working procedure additionally, become knife handle cut appropriate length. The concept of the milling cutter head that can exchange a head and knife handle has integral hard alloy to establish the good point of milling cutter, but need not use cutting tool of whole whole hard alloy again, avoid to cause higher cutting tool cost, the blade of gyroidal long cutting that also need not take the chamfer that discharge bits at the same time, avoid to use relative to weaker long and thin cutting tool nuclear core is divided. Such, a kind of cutting tool can be changed between heads of a variety of small-sized milling cutter, form different milling cutter type, the biggest cut deep 0 be milling cutter diameter normally.

55 times; To head of double edge milling cutter, this numerical value can be amounted to 0.

8. The gear ratio of CoroMill 316 but milling cutter of dislocation razor blade is much. Because it has more effective tine number, have effect of better exterior precision work and taller workbench feed so, nevertheless it cannot achieve the superfinishing result that milling cutter of a few groovy and special superfinishing in CoroMill Plura can achieve completely. CoroMill 316 cutting tool gets on the design balanced, because this can answer higher main shaft rate. And the choice of high rate and head of much tine milling cutter offerred very high feed rate and tall cutting rate. Use can change head concept, adjust form of milling cutter chamfer more easily also according to the need of workpiece material, and the stability that need not consider cutting tool, under photograph comparing, the core diameter of milling cutter of groovy hard alloy can affect the stability of cutting tool. Conclusion: CoroMill 316 is a kind what can exchange a head is new-style establish milling cutter, in suiting small diameter series (10 to 25 millimeter) . The advantage of cutting tool of integral hard alloy (if force of more total number of teeth in engagement, light cutting, nicety is radial the possibility of cutting blade and axial feed) ameliorable treatment function and state of cutting tool inventory. And but the advantage of dislocation cutting tool can come true through bit brand. Accordingly, should disentomb further the principle that need according to different process and uses head of different milling cutter and knife handle, the versatility that makes its extensive gets applied adequately. Use CoroMill 316, of cutting tool it is more easy to change to become, it can apply at working procedure of typical milling cutter of integral hard alloy and model in a variety of circumstances but working procedure of milling cutter of dislocation razor blade. This kind of new idea provided needs high strength for rough machining, and the tall tigidity that offerred place to need for finish machining, change cutting tool to hang the case that extends length to fall in need especially. The benefit that use CoroMill 316 can get includes, achieve first-rate to produce efficiency, versatility, inventory, quality and cutting tool cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining