Wagesi: Thread machining technology wants a place

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Use akin whorl milling cutter, can machine dextrorotation and Zun Xuan whorl to arrange hour hand or instruction of anticlockwise helix interpolation through using, can machine Zun Xuan or dextral whorl, the direction of rotation that cutting tool circles main shaft is changeless.

You can be used by VARGUS(Wagesi) the cutting tool that the TMGen software that the company provides chooses to suit to machine most and create CNC program. 2.

Use whorl milling cutter, problem of deepness of thread machining of easier and accurate control: Cannot length of accurate control thread machining machines whorl with tap in blind aperture, length of accurate control whorl is very difficult, reach whorl floor when tap, main shaft will stop and invert, in this paragraph of time, tap uses a paragraph of incontrollable space to reach even (A) , in blind aperture, sometimes this will make tap breaks off. Solution: Use whorl milling cutter uses whorl milling cutter, you are OK and accurate those who control cutting tool stop a point. This can make you obtain accurate thread machining deepness. 3.

When machining deep whorl, use the whorl milling cutter with thick diameter to be done so as far as possible is there He You power? Shorter shift is apart from - when the whorl milling cutter of big diameter is walking along helix interpolation, the space that takes is shorter (L1>L2) , uses handling time is shorter. Big diameter cutting tool has more chamfer that discharge bits, can install more razor blade at the same time, can rise multiple total feed. Tigidity of big diameter cutting tool is better, the appearance with can be obtained better is bright and clean degree reach longer cutting tool life. CNC Milling CNC Machining