Advanced solder the technology repairs medium application in the plane

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Soldering is to point to through heat or pressurization (or both use) , and use or need not stuff stuff, make workpiece obtains a kind of means that metallurgy combines. Solder can become link of spare parts combination integral structure, be known as metallic stuff " sew division " . Of the swift and violent development of new and high technology and much discipline blend each other, driving solder while discipline skill studies achievement is realizing a project to change ceaselessly, continue to develop the new way of this course again. Make in aerospace with maintenance in the project used a variety of soldering extensively technology [1] , advanced solder the technology makes in aircraft design and the wide application in making the complex structure that a few traditional techniques cannot achieve and high-powered data are made in aviation with a large number of application in maintaining a project, also be advanced solder the technology repaired medium application to provide broad market in the plane. Agitate friction welding, laser beam welding and solder of drill rod of high frequency induction a variety of soldering new technology is contemporary and new and high technology and tradition solder technology the mutual confluence, product that promotes each other, also be to solder the direction that research development mixes the technology the most quickly to have energy most. Current, the material such as laser beam welding of aluminium alloy of aviation of rehabilitate of applied agitate friction welding and material of aluminous lithium alloy, application and alloy of titanium of rehabilitate of solder of drill rod of high frequency induction and stainless steel had obtained certain application to study experience. However, relative to the flying progress that at soldering technology and aviation make a technology, all sorts of advanced solder the technology repairs medium academic research and applied technology research to still remain to be begun further in the plane more development and extensive research. Agitate friction welding the working principle of 1 agitate friction welding and characteristic agitate friction welding (Friction Stir Welding, FSW) it is England solders institute (The Welding Institute, TWI) was invented 1991 and obtain worldwide inside the new-style solid photograph of patent protection solders technology, also be the world solders time span applies to industry from the invention on technical phylogeny the shortest and a development is the rapiddest magical join technology, be known as " the world solders history the 2nd revolution that go up " . The attrition heat that generates between the agitate head that FSW rotates through high speed and surface of material be solderinged makes the material be heated of area of agitate head vicinity is achieved thermoplastic condition (see a picture 1) , action is built to fall in the forge of shoulder of agitate head axis, realize the join between workpiece. Agitate friction welding is received fuse without the metal in the process belong to solid photograph to join, rotate in agitate head, squash and smash below the action that waits for mechanical power, form compact constituent structure, contact quality tall, blemish is out of shape after little, solder small, have superior mechanical performance. Compare with photograph of craft of traditional fusion welding, agitate friction welding has smokeless this world, without bleb, without splatter, need not add welding wire, grain of the welding line after when soldering, needing to use protective gas, solder is petty, leftover stress Xiaohe is out of shape small wait for an advantage, and can solder wait for the nonferrous metal with fused poor weldability like excel in aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy, suit what aviation uses data of high strenth aluminium alloy and aluminous lithium alloy to solder very much repair. 2 agitate friction welding repairs the medium airframe that applies contemporary opportunity for combat to go up to lie between casing to wait in the plane bear force member employs high strenth aluminium alloy more (like В 95, 7050, 7075) machine and become, and the abdomen that lie between casing board the muscle that is reseau shape mostly structure, once crackle arises on celiac board, traditional riveting fills strong satisfy the need that waits for intensity to repair hard, convention solders technology because get,written guarantee the influence of the solderability of configuration shape, material and security is carried out hard again. For this, a lot of companies of foreign already introduced FSW technology in plane maintenance, a research that occupies abroad compares discovery, FSW technology is right of wing crackle repair can eliminate tall stress to center, its envelope surface needs installed time of all inspection check to defer first 3.

5 times, also decreased at the same time subsequently examine frequency. When to lying between casing FSW of celiac board crackle is repaired, solder through optimizing parameter, direction of crackle of agitate head edge undertakes soldering (see a picture 2) , can eliminate flaw, and welding line is mechanical performance is good, reach the function target that waits for intensity to repair basically. Current, home applies FSW successfully at the plane to make, the aluminium alloy that friction welding of the agitate that finish studies includes: 2000 series (Al-Cu) , 5000 series (Al-Mg) , 6000 series (Al-Mg -Si) , 7000 series (Al-Zn) , 8000 series (Al-Li) . The method of applied agitate friction welding such as Wang Ting undertook soldering experimenting study to 7050 aluminium alloy, discovery appears below the circumstance with undeserved parameter flash, hole, groove and not the blemish such as seam [2] . Solder in aluminium alloy in the light of agitate solder the limitation that the respect exists, in recent years somebody offerred supersonic mix compound solder technology [3] , the energy of will supersonic vibration guides welding line depth, can reduce solder shed the resistance that change, reduce leftover stress, improve welding line organization in order to achieve, raise the goal of welding line intensity. However, FSW regards prospective plane as a kind of when repair new technology, want to receive wide promotion application, need begins the research of the following respects: (1) friction welding of agitate of plane injury place former repair technical research, and solder the miniaturization of equipment, intelligence is changed and maneuverability studies. (2) the agitate friction welding of welding line of curve of structural member of aluminium alloy of plane high strenth repairs craft parameter to optimize research, include agitate head to rotate speed, solder diameter of shoulder of speed, axis, rotate probe appearance outline and axial pressure. (3) to applying to the research of head of agitate of plane agitate friction welding, mix according to stuff of metal of different special type of plane component part solder the seriation that needs to implement number of agitate head dummy. (4) the design of tool clamping apparatus that plane structure solders and research. (5) research and FSW of formulate military airplane solder standard and solder quality evaluates a system. The working principle that Nextpage laser beam welding accepts 1 laser beam welding and characteristic laser beam welding are received (Laser Welding, LW) it is to use wash face of metal of illuminate of beam of light, make a metal fused quickly through high energy laser, at the same time laser high temperature can the major impurity vaporization material interior, have bath to purify effect, make the mechanical function of welding line gets be improved apparently and rising thereby [4] (if pursue,show 3 times) . Laser beam welding is received but cent solders for successive laser and pulse laser solders two kinds big, successive laser beam welding receives use CO2 laser, output power is great, suit to solder large structural member, solder deepness can amount to 20mm above. Pulse laser solders use Nd:YGA laser, its output energy is lesser, the nicety that applies to medium, small-sized spare parts solders, as a result of its beam of light can use Yu Guang fine to transmit, because this is used more convenient. Laser beam welding is received have solder energy density stain of tall, beam of light locates accurate, heat affects area small, free from contamination and any corroding, the characteristic that laser technology matchs to control automation of interface easy implementation with the computer [5] . Of the welding line when according to practical effect the power density on workpiece or laser solder form a characteristic, can solder laser cent is conducted for heat solder to receive two kinds with deep fusion welding [6] , the distinction with the most essential both depends on: Former bath surface maintains close, and latter bath is stimulated beam of light penetrates aperture. 2 laser beam welding repair medium applied laser beam welding to receive a technology to divide a large number of application to create a field at the plane in the plane outside, still be applied extensively at plane structure to injure repair. Since 20 centuries end, american AeroMet company and Boeing, Luokexidemading, case if graceful company of aircraft of military of 3 big United States cooperates cheek by jowl, fast rehabilitate technology studies the laser that develops damage of structural member of plane titanium alloy [7] , arrange of logistics of American department of defense (DLA) fast rehabilitate research also takes the laser that the structural member such as steel of alloy of high-powered to be being used at the plane titanium, extra high strength injures seriously very. In recent years, the battleplan of U.S. Army brunt such as F-18E/F, JSF, F-22, F-15 all used laser beam welding to receive a technology respectively the titanium alloy component to injury had repair. Current, laser beam welding is received, fast rehabilitate technology already began reproducing of Fu of frit of Laser Cutting, laser of the low cost that makes the large national defence such as American plane equip, short period the most important repair one of technologies. The research of technology of immanent laser rehabilitate and applied domain also were in the country to gain certain headway in recent years [8-9] . Ack emma factory already used this technology successfully at the injury that tail of plane titanium alloy overspreads to repair, engine lamina is local the frit Fu reproducing that is short of caustic [10] , make gave laser beam welding of structure of plane titanium alloy, aluminium alloy to receive repairman art standard. Current, laser solders to be repaired in the plane in basically be used at alloy of aluminium alloy, aluminous lithium, titanium alloy and stainless steel material solder repair [11] , especially the tradition solders repair the laminose alloy material that solves hard to solder repair. The working principle of solder of drill rod of 1 high frequency induction reachs solder of drill rod of high frequency induction the characteristic is high frequency solder of inductive drill rod (High Frequency Induction Brazing, HFIB) fundamental is to use hand in change magnetic field - phenomenon of electric field induction, make the workpiece in field produces eddy current effect to undertake heating to workpiece, cause drill rod makings to fuse, makings of liquid state drill rod uses next fill clearance to realize drill rod solder thereby in wool spy [12] . Compare with photograph of method of solder of other drill rod, solder of drill rod of high frequency induction is having distinct advantage, if treat the dimension of solder component to do not have strict requirement, have better treatment adaptability, electromagnetism induction increases thermal efficiency tall, rate is rapid, heat it is even, good to can charge a sex, the oxidation rate of workpiece surface is lower than solder of the drill rod in flame brazing, furnace, can undertake soldering to certain and specific place, apply to the join between pipe fitting dowel joint, canal and flange, axis and axle sleeve especially [13] . Solder of drill rod of 2 high frequency inductions repairs medium application in the plane solder of drill rod of tracheal and high frequency induction is two kinds from the cent on craft: One kind is solder of stationary drill rod; Another kind is solder of installation type drill rod, already got applied extensively in the domain such as aviation, spaceflight. Like American Boeing, pipe fittings of solder of nearly 2000 drill rod was used on the hydraulic pressure conduit that Mai Daogong manages in its the overall length in air bus DC-10 amounts to 850m, and was to use contact of solder of nearly 100 thousand drill rod more on the A-4 jet-propelled attack plane that designs production for American navy in this company. In recent years, home applies theory and practice to went up to already obtained striking progress in the connective of solder of drill rod of high frequency induction. Boat industry Shenyang flies to machinist job in (group) limited company already used installation formula in the general assembly of some type engine system of link of technology of solder of drill rod of high frequency induction is tracheal. Current, aviation repairs a factory to already used technology of solder of drill rod of high frequency induction at conduit of plane titanium alloy to rupture, wear away those who wait for injury is former a rehabilitate. Wait for 2 solder conduit termination beforehand in the bushing that park belt drill rod expects, add solder protector, circle on gentle style induction coil, heat through high frequency induction make drill rod makings fused, realize tracheal join. Conclusion (1) agitate friction welding, laser beam welding and solder of drill rod of high frequency induction advanced solder a variety of typical alloy such as alloy of the aluminium alloy that the technology can use at repair plane structure, aluminous lithium, titanium alloy, stainless steel material. Agitate friction welding solders as photograph of a kind of solid the technology agrees with of the material such as the aluminium alloy with fused poor weldability and aluminous lithium alloy solder repair, as high-energy the tradition such as solder of arc of bundle of laser beam welding of solder and arc welding, argon solders the technology is compound apply to a variety of material such as aluminium alloy, stainless steel and titanium alloy solder repair. (2) of agitate friction welding solder speed, rotate speed and pressing the craft parameter such as the quantity is the postulate that assures quality of connect of agitate friction welding, the main craft parameter that laser beam welding receives is focus of power density, beam of light the position and solder speed, the actual application in be being made in the light of the ack emma remains to study the effect that all sorts of craft parameter repair to the plane deep further. (3) solder of drill rod of high frequency induction special apply to plane stricture injury repairs the titanium alloy conduit inside the space, its repair craft to mature quite, but equipment of drill rod solder is stationary, the mobile sex of equipment and can charge a sex poorer, those who need to develop miniaturization is portable solder equipment. CNC Milling CNC Machining