The composition of clamp device reachs main demand

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In machining process, workpiece can get the cutting force, action that waits from mental efforts, gravitational, force, below these outside force action, hold the treatment position that already determined by place of fixed position component to make workpiece still can be protected in clamping apparatus, and do not send produce vibration or displacement, assure to machine quality and manufacturing safety, clamp must be installed in structure of general clamping apparatus device general workpiece is reliable clip. 1. The compositive graph 3-26 of clamp device constitutes sketch map for clamp device, it is main by the following 3 parts composition: (Unit of 1) power source produces the device of clamp active force. The power that produces calls original force, move like pneumatic, fluid, dynamoelectric etc, the power source device in the graph is air cylinder 1. Move clamp to the hand for, power source comes from manpower. (Force orgnaization is passed to upright to deliver the orgnaization of force between power source and clamping unit among 2) , the connecting rod in be like a graph 2. In the process that transfers power, it can change the direction of active force and size, have the effect that gain strength; Still can make clamp implementation is locked up oneself, after the original force that makes sure power source is offerred disappears, still workpiece of clamp of can reliable ground, it is important that this adversary moves clamp blame to be. (3) is carried out finally of device of clamping unit clamp, with workpiece direct contact completes clamp action, the pressing plate in be like a graph 3. 2. To clamping apparatus the requirement of device must point out, the specific composition of clamp device is not invariable, the condition such as method of the treatment requirement that fibrous root occupies workpiece, installation and scale of production will decide. But no matter its are comprised how, must satisfy the following and basic requirement: Device of graph 3-26 clamp constitutes sketch map 1, air cylinder 2, connecting rod 3, pressing plate (the correct position that the place after workpiece locates should hold to hold when 1) clamp. (Size of 2) clamping force wants proper. Clamp orgnaization should assure workpiece not to arise in machining a process already become loose or oscillatory. In the meantime, must not have arisen again big clamp is out of shape and the surface is injured. (The automation degree of 3) clamp orgnaization and complex degree should suit with the photograph of scale of production of workpiece, have good structural craft sex, use standardization cell as far as possible. (4) clamp movement wants rapid, reliable, and the operation wants convenient, save labour, security. CNC Milling CNC Machining