Challenge of hill tall cutting tool is long dangerous extend milling

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Aviation production domain is one of industries with advanced technique concentrated height all the time. In modern plane and engine advocate bear in force structure, the proportion that integral structural member holds increases quickly, this kind of spare parts introduces integral semifinished product normally (plank or forging) undertake cutting is machined, the 10% ~ that the weight of part finished product has semifinished product only 20% , 90% material became the 80% ~ of the others to cut bits. Workpiece material size is enormous, and cutting precision and exterior quality ask very tall, the difficulty that machines because of this cutting is self-evident, the demand to cutting cutting tool is then higher and higher also. Hill is tall regard a whole world as famous tool supplier, also be the precede person of a workmanship and technology at the same time. In last few years, respect of empty industry of hill Gao Zaihang accumulated rich experience. Well-known, the production of landing gear depends on the most advanced material of high strenth, and these material also more and more machine hard. Hill is tall the key that gains a success in this one domain relies on us to collect the expert group of world-class together to come greatly the ability of strategy of qualitative grade of material of new hard alloy of positive research and development, treatment and cutting tool system. The achievement of a lot of development of expert group becomes us to be used at one of standard range of products that landing gear machines now. Some airline is a famous plane landing gear systematic production company, its design in plane landing gear, research and development, production and technical support respect are in world banner level. Recently, this airline threw a good deal of capital to introduce international some large horizontal machining center of well-known trademark, for some landing gear the project established project group technically, to whole treatment the process undertakes planning as a whole, very discreet also on the choice of cutting tool. Because workbench size is enormous, machine the optimization of craft to ensure, workpiece first-rate sets the position is inter part, a distance that this produced main shaft to carry ministry and workpiece treatment position is too long, cannot approach the problem that machines area. Generally speaking, the treatment area that nears hard (for example work of intricate large whole type and deep model antrum) need is long dangerous extend cutting tool to undertake machining. Then, project group is cast to the tool supplier of a few old famous brands gave this one difficult problem. Hill tall cutting tool is after this one demand that learns a client, expedite a technologist for a short while, recommend hill to project group the product Steadyline of tall newest research and development is decreased brace up handle of face milling cutter. Steadyline was solved all the time since the difficult problem that puzzles expert of a lot of cutting, that is growing namely hang length state to fall, cutting effect and the problem that machine efficiency. Apply in mould treatment a few deep model the complex integral type part in the antrum treatment, treatment on horizontal machining center, aerospace and auto industry, and generate electricity the spare parts of equipment, a lot of application that expanding can use Steadyline technology to optimize! Accordingly, to this one difficult problem of project group, steadyline it may be said is suit the remedy to the case. Steadyline the design concept of this cutting tool is to achieve " long dangerous extend Ju Xiaozhen to move " the effect, the vibration isolation that says popularly namely. System of this kind of knife handle enhanced the tigidity when milling thoroughly, growing hang extended case to fall, cutting parameter can reach a new height, even the milling cutter with average length is same. Stable cutting condition can improve treatment technology, decrease vibration and add cutting tool life. The solution of this kind of oscillatory damp of hill tall development, although growing,hang extended operating mode to fall to also can assure first-rate stability. Steadyline offerred to be decreased dynamicly brace up system. In knife handle interior, the vibration with the contrary place of the first vibration that a vibration absorbs device to undertake bending with knife handle is out of shape arising, because this can absorb vibration, the trends that increases milling cutter combination significantly is rigid, make treatment stabler. The dynamic stability of knife handle of Steadyline face milling cutter is 3 times taller than congener and common knife handle. No matter be,which kinds grow dangerous extend milling, it is to grow diameter comparing to achieve 5 times even, cutting parameter can hold best position from beginning to end. Combine photograph comparing with traditional module, steadyline can be thrown at any time use, and cutting deepness is OK tower above 2 ~ 4 times, and handling time shortens half, can manufacture efficiency to the client rises greatly. Apply extensively at growing diameter to compare to be on milling cutter of 5 times square shoulder milling cutter of the left and right sides, corn milling cutter and tall feed at present. With respect to quality of metallic purify rate and treatment surface character, the factory will get better result, main shaft life and cutting tool life increase considerably. Visible, the main benefit of Steadyline includes taller manufacturing efficiency, much better surface surface roughness, longer cutting tool and main shaft service life. It uses high strenth steeliness to become, cooling access is contained in containing axis of protective film, dynamic balancing, core, become a kind of efficiency thereby excellent and the solution of economic material benefit, and compare with traditional solution photograph, when it is machined quieter. And the most important is, can resolve the worry that cannot have machining to approaching the work of area hard. Stem from the integrated consideration that waits for many elements to cost, efficiency, after the careful introduction that listened to hill hi-tech expert, product of person of the same trade makes the product that project group still decides a hill is tall and another cutting tool that have Gao Zhi name to spend likewise quite. What the competitor offers is the accuracy product that has experience of old actual combat, by product of fundamental knife handle, accuracy (vibration isolation milling cutter receives a power) the cutting cutting tool that knead dough milling cutter is combined and becomes. And the knife handle that the Steadyline of hill tall cutting tool is unifinication design, be combined by Steadyline knife handle and face milling cutter directly and become can have efficient treatment. The face milling cutter that tried knife process to still choose tripartite designedly competes fairly with showing. as one used to do experience, use on horizontal machining center so long suspend extended cutting tool milling cover, cutting speed and feed must very small talent is machined continuously. Effectively of result trying a knife proved a bit: Withstand market examines good product. Should try when cutting speed V=50m/min, when decreasing Zhen Xi knife to achieve 50mm/min in feed, appeared of the competitor brace up knife, and cutting deepness is only 0.

5mm, treatment can no more continue. And the SteadylineTM with tall hill is trying in cutting a course, feed is highest can amount to 200mm/min, although produced slight vibration, but treatment still can continue. To assure manufacturing security and dependability, the technologist with tall hill still adjusted use parameter Vf=100mm/min (other parameter V50m/min, ap0.

5mm) , than the competitor's treatment efficiency rose 100% . The accurate cutting of high quality needs top-ranking cutting tool. With respect to hill tall and character, we understand all sorts of special challenges of aerospace industry, and the professional technology that we have and rich experience can make the production of broad client competes in this intense market middleman and guarantor holds lead dominant position, this also is the ground that group of this airline project chooses hill tall Steadyline finally. CNC Milling CNC Machining