Man-machine interface turns the application in device of commutate of silicon controlled rectifier in intelligence

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1 system composition and working principle 1.

1 system comprises a system by 5 parts: Change send implement, the composition such as part of commutate of screen of module of output of input of quantity of PLC lead plane, imitate, feeling, silicon controlled rectifier, if the graph is shown 1 times,the system controls a construction. Controlling a share, the S7-200 PLC that chooses SIEMENS undertakes fast, reliable processing to sampling signal, process designing software is STEP 7-MicroWIN 32 V3.

2; The interface of man-machine of TP270B feeling type that chooses SIEMENS (HMI) to real time temperature is worth and all sorts of breakdown information undertake indication, record, configuration software is SIMATIC Pro-Tool V6.

0. MPI is used between HMI and PLC (much dot) communication means, what establish component attribute and the definition that exchange an address with the data of PLC through going up to HMI picture, the register of relevant component correspondence on implementation HMI is right of PLC location read write. Graph 1 system controls a construction 1.

Commutate of silicon controlled rectifier of 2 jobs principle outputs volts d.c. , 0 ~ 45V is successive and adjustable; Export dc electricity, 0 ~ 1600A is successive and adjustable. Be opposite by sensor advocate the temperature of road silicon component undertakes sampling, what measure temperature signal to change evacuation PLC via enlarge and A/ D, use software to undertake data processing, the data after processing sends HMI to undertake real time shows. On HMI setting overheating calls the police reach value of demarcate of temperature of overheating tripping operation. When advocate temperature of road silicon component is exorbitant, when exceeding demarcate to be worth, PLC will output overheating alarm signal and signal of overheating tripping operation, show material information on HMI. Undertake to the electric current of excitation coil and voltage accurate PI is controlled at the same time, can go up in HMI the ginseng of set PI algorithm is numeric. The data in this system collects processing, fan to carry travel and breakdown call the police to pass the software with corresponding work out to finish by PLC and HMI. The software design SIMATIC ProTool of 2 systems is the HMI configuration software that door subsidiary rolls out on the west, this software divides composition by 2: ProToolCS (configuration system) and use at the ProTool RT with visible process (moving system) . This software is had call the police record, forms for reporting statistics is printed, a variety of functions such as trend curve, support the communication agreement of the tripartite manufacturer except Siemens. This system had a picture on its foundation configuration of design, communication, call the police a series of application development such as design of setting, safe protection. 2.

Design of appearance of screen of feeling of design of appearance of 1 feeling screen asks to be able to realize all control functions not only (input and record of indication parameter, memory, call the police etc) , and should understand simply, operate the executive operation with correct personnel easily. Consideration system place needs the process variable of monitoring and real function, in all configuration 5 groups of pictures, a few fundamental pictures introduce below. ⑴ advocate the monitoring that the picture designs advocate of the picture most upside is excitation electric current shows a curve in real time, the indication casing that its fall is numerical value of electric current of indication excitation of two real time, voltage. Still have the input circle of set of voltaic numerical value, press when the hand when this position, can play a digital option draw a frame round, go to the lavatory to be inputted to what voltaic set is worth. The right of this casing has two fine tuning be good at, every are pressed move, can undertake adding 1 or reduce the operation of 1. Be in advocate the bottom that accuses an interface is indication casing of facility moving status, the state that this position can show a system in real time (of the system, close, have the news such as without reason barrier) . Monitoring advocate of the picture right next horn are the function chooses to play a menu, main by working status column, parameter set column, call the police the composition such as record column. If pursue,2 are shown. Graph 2: Monitoring advocate picture (2) temperature, electric current, voltage shows in real time when showing, feeling screen is in every quantum of time (clock pulse) inside read from PLC only take cost of a number, add to the physical value of a quantity that a correspondence shows on operation unit. 3 groups of solid duration occupy the configuration in this program, 3 imitate measure electric current of the temperature of major component of every groups of indication silicon, excitation and voltage. ⑶ parameter set is in this picture, operator can is opposite of fan open automatically / stop temperature, overheating of silicon major component calls the police temperature and temperature of overheating tripping operation and spread a cost too, press a value to have set too, adjust. The operator that has ritzy limits of authority still can is opposite the parameter in PID algorithm () have set, so OK very convenient undertake to the system on-line parameter is rectified calm.

Out of service record has ⑷ every time alarm signal arises, can go up in feeling screen interface play piece call the police message window, the lamp calls the police to twinkle in the meantime. Will call the police the message has file, found view of message of brushstroke face configuration again, since can be saved and showing a system to move all calling the police message. Clew calls the police date, call the police the date of generation, time, call the police the reason of generation, and whether to affirm wait for information. 2.

ProTool of design of 2 safe protection allows an user to use countersign to prevent other not accredit personnel is used accuse, increase systematic security thereby. The countersign level that ProTool provides from 0 to 9. Countersign class 0 do not need to input countersign; Countersign class 1 to 8, undertake allocation according to functional importance; Countersign class 9 only accredit at systematic manager. Be aimed at the need of safety administration and operation, systematic manager was defined in this system class namely 9 class and operator 1 class two class countersign. Need to use systematic manager to PID parameter set class countersign, other operation, if temperature calls the police the limit, switch on the mobile phone the flexible time that start, also want to input countersign to undertake disembarkation first. Input countersign, feeling " land " pushbutton, retouch touchs other function button, accessibility be equal to or under this countersign level child picture. Child picture operation completes return advocate after the picture, feeling " exit " pushbutton, criterion countersign invalidation, enter again child the picture needs to input countersign afresh. If do not have feeling " exit " pushbutton, the system will be automatic after 1min cancel countersign. 2.

The communication means between the interface of man-machine of communication Xi Menzi between 3 man-machine interface and PLC and PLC has 3 kinds: PPI (select a site) communication means, MPI (much dot) communication means and PROFIBUS-DP communication means. MPI is used in this system (much dot) communication means. Because MPI interface is RS485 structure, through RS485 the line is linked together between PLC and man-machine interface, its transmit rate for 187.

5k baud is led. Net of a MPI can have many networks node, its address is installed in S7-200 hardware configuration. The MPI address of interface of machine of this system go-between is " 1 " ; The MPI address of CPU is " 2 " . Variable is used to have news report through PLC between man-machine interface and process. The data that exchanges between PLC and operation unit normally is process data. The variable that points to on PLC a certain address is founded in configuration for this. Feeling screen is read from inside designation address take this numerical value and show it. Same, operator can input the data that will be kept into on PLC a certain address on feeling screen. Intelligence of 45V of / of 1600A of 3 last words changes PLC of lieutenant general of device of commutate of silicon controlled rectifier and feeling to show screen is united in wedlock together, the corresponding software that uses PLC and feeling screen undertakes control, processing to collecting sample each, show in the real time of temperature, electric current, voltage, data logging, call the police wait for a respect to have very big advantage. The observation that operation personnel can go to the lavatory not only and the real time that master this device run temperature, still but the basis calls the police message, remove trouble quickly; History of have the aid of is recorded, administrator still can have analysis, inquiry to important data, can improve moving level of management greatly. At present this device already was in city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province limited company of equipment of golden ring magnetic separation gets applied. CNC Milling CNC Machining