The technology is analytic: Fu of fast laser frit changes freeboard decayed for magical

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3D Printing of laser frit Fu (namely laser frit Fu shapes) technology need not mould, make model of a spare parts with CAD software, use into after computer process designing bundle laser scans go up at workpiece, make the metal on workpiece pulverous a fused, one layer confluence is together and pile up, form a compact metallic spare parts finally. This kind of technology can one pace shapes metallic spare parts, and the compact metal spare parts that after classics intelligence changes a process to control, shapes is close clean look, use follow-up treatment scarcely, realize spare parts of metal of 3D Printing of Fu of fast, frit truly. The concept that the archetypal part that it supplies can regard product development, design as to use already, function detects sample, can use as functional spare parts directly again. Laser frit Fu shapes the technology can make the development of the product decreases greatly to the time of throw on the market, and make product development cost is reduced greatly, can make the production of the product faster, flexible especially, individuation, diversification, in new product development and sheet incomparable advantage is had in small lot production, facilitating implementation network is made, also suit the trend of economic globalization, make in new-style car, the civil domain such as medical treatment, appearance makes high-grade part can more efficiently, in spaceflight, war industry the domain can make part of high-powered special type better, can make the gradient function material that processes extremely hard before especially, exceed hard data, return part of material of the compound between can fast production metal, perspective of this technical application is so wide. The part that at present 3D Printing of laser frit Fu gives returns some defect, quality stability is for instance poorer, the precision that short of user asks and surface roughness, want to machine ability travel further to the spare parts, so the limitation of this kind of technology brings about it to fail to apply in production better. The reason with poorer stability of spare parts quality has: In the process of the spare parts that make, parameter of a few craft will be fluctuant, the form that the frit Fu that just forms certainly in the spare parts as a result takes and size are not accorded with anticipate; Still can enlarge the blemish that already formed when frit Fu undertakes, make protuberant place more dash forward, the place of give away more defect, large place is larger, thin place is thinner. Such spare parts surface roughness and precision all are not accorded with anticipate, the most serious is to bring about a spare parts to cannot shape. Laser frit Fu is to show with be being added differently stuff kind is in by frit Fu matrix apparently place the irradiation of laser of coating material classics that is chosen to make surface of the sum matrix one layer fuses at the same time, fast and caky hind form dilute to spend extremely low, become the exterior coating that metallurgy combines with matrix, the wear-resisting that improves basic level appearance significantly, be able to bear or endure the corrode, heat-resisting, technique that fights oxidation and electric character, achieve the goal of exterior modified or rehabilitate thereby, satisfied the requirement of specific to material surface function already, managing many precious element. With v, spray, eletroplate and gas phase deposit is compared, laser frit Fu has dilute to spend small, organization compact, coating and matrix union are good, fit frit Fu stuff much, granuality and content change to wait for a characteristic greatly, perspective of application of technology of laser frit Fu is very accordingly wide. From the point of the applied circumstance of Fu of current laser frit, its basically apply at 3 respects: One, to the exterior modified of material, if light turbine lamina, roller, gear; 2, to the exterior rehabilitate of the product, be like rotor, the mould. Concerned data makes clear, the component intensity after repair can achieve the 90 % above of primary strength, the 1 / that its repair expenses is less than replacement price 5, more important is to shorten maintain time, solved large company the rotational part that major whole set of equipment runs place to must be solved reliably continuously is fast difficult problem of rush to repair. Additional, pass laser frit Fu to exceed wear-resisting to fight corrode alloy to crucial part surface, can be in the service life that component surface does not improve component greatly below metabolic circumstance; Undertake to mould surface laser frit Fu is handled, increase mould strength not only, still can reduce 2 / the production cost of 3, shorten 4 / the production of 5 is periodic. 3, fast prototype is made. Use the overlay of the agglomeration that chase a layer of metallic powder, make a model quickly. Use technology of laser frit apply to make the technology of the spare parts quickly, call LENS again (Laser Engineered Net Shaping) , DLF (Direct Laser Fabrication) , DMD (Direct Metal Deposition) , LC (Laser Consolidation) etc. Frit Fu material: Apply data of extensive laser frit Fu to basically have at present: Tungsten of alloy of nickel radical, cobalt radical, iron radical, carbonization composite material, the material such as pottery and porcelain. Among them, expect with nickel base material application is most again, with cobaltic base material makings photograph is compared, its are low-cost. Laser frit Fu and the photograph such as the commonly used v in industry, thermal spraying and plasma gush solder are compared, laser frit Fu is having following advantage: Matrix and strength of frit cladding union are tall, hot influence area cladding of small, frit and matrix grain are petty efficiency is managing and tall, costly material, but it is good that technology of Fu of frit of material of preparation gradient function, laser can charge a sex, yi Shi shows automation to control, cladding quality is stable. Technology of Fu of freeboard rate frit is to pass synchronism to send pink to buy makings way, use high-energy density bundle shed the base material surface that makes add material and high rate movement to fuse at the same time, fast and caky hind form attenuant rate extremely low, show the frit cladding that metallurgy combines with matrix, great raise frit Fu rate, the wear-resisting that improves base material appearance significantly, be able to bear or endure the corrode, heat-resisting, technique that fights the craft character such as oxidation. The need in applying to manufacturing industry of industry of electric power, aviation, spaceflight, enginery, nucleus, automobile improves the spare parts of function. According to the operating mode requirement of workpiece, frit Fu all sorts of metals that design part are metalloid perhaps, preparation heat-resisting, wear-resisting, anti-corrosive, fight the oxidation, surface cladding that fight exhaustion or has character of smooth, report, magnetism. Exceeding technology of Fu of frit of high speed laser is the new technology with a kind of very high economic benefits, it can give high-powered alloy appearance in the preparation on metallic base material and the quality that does not affect matrix, reduce cost, material of managing and precious rare metal, accordingly, advanced country is opposite each industry on the world the research of technology of laser frit Fu and application take seriously very much. Frit Fu craft: Laser frit Fu can be divided probably by the supply means of frit Fu material it is two kinds big, namely beforehand Fu of frit of buy type laser and Fu of frit of synchronous type laser. Beforehand Fu of frit of buy type laser is frit Fu material beforehand the frit Fu place of surface of park base material, use next stimulate scanning of irradiation of beam of light to fuse, frit Fu material with pink, silk, board the form is joined, among them the form with powder is most commonly used. Fu of frit of synchronous type laser is send frit Fu material into stimulating beam of light directly, make for makings and frit Fu is finished at the same time. Frit Fu material also basically is the form with powder sends, some also uses wire or plank undertakes synchronism sends makings. Beforehand the main technological process of Fu of frit of buy type laser is: Pretreatment of surface of Fu of base material frit - - - beforehand material of buy frit Fu - - - warm-up - - - laser is fused - - - postheat processing. The main technological process of Fu of frit of synchronous type laser is: Pretreatment of surface of Fu of base material frit - - - send makings laser to fuse - - - postheat processing. Press technological process, the after be being mixed for makings method, warm-up heat treatment that the craft related to laser frit Fu basically is material of Fu of method of pretreatment of base material surface, frit. CNC Milling CNC Machining