Milling cutter of square shoulder of Square 6 magic square

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-- the economy that the milling cutter of square shoulder of magic square of ultimate solution Square 6 of milling of economy square shoulder applies square shoulder milling, flexibility and excellent treatment effect be in harmony at an organic whole. The economy that milling cutter of square shoulder of Square 6 magic square applies square shoulder milling, flexibility and excellent treatment effect be in harmony at an organic whole, while treatment efficiency rises apparently, also brought huge cost for the user managing. Hill Gao Zhi can use a cutting tool to answer extensive square shoulder milling to apply so, all innovation that these are attributed to the milling cutter of Square 6 magic square with hill tall new cutting tool are designed. Magic square of distinctive bit Square 6 economy, it is the flexibility because of this cutting tool not only -- can complete a variety of treatment with a cutting tool, still come from design distinctly at this razor blade. Every razor blade has not less than 6 cutting blade, mean you to be able to obtain more cutting from every razor blade blade and more cutting time. Every before the tool cutting edge angle on razor blade of triangle of horn, protruding is installed to be 90 ° , the 90 ° cutting with real card of middleman and guarantor can be machined in. 3 kinds of different bit chamfer use respectively at processing cast-iron, steel, hard data of stainless steel and oil. Need is additional be, razor blade of magic square of every Square 6 has two kinds of different point of a knife round horn radius, r0.

8 use at common treatment operating mode, and R1.

6 use at the requirement stricter treatment operating mode. The cutter hub of Square 6 magic square is very special also. To obtain the biggest durable sex, it was used coating and beforehand sclerotic processing; Close to add workshop with what differ and operating mode is perfect match, it offers the cutter hub of 3 kinds of different pitch such as scanty tine, standard tine and close tine. It still has the central locking bolt that goes to those who be a feature with high strenth, locking of direction of edge cutting force increases the security of bit and stability thereby. If do not have flexibility, new Square 6 magic square nots worth to be carried. Its apply a domain to include slot of square shoulder milling, planar milling, mill, insert groove, insert mill to wait. This comes from the cutting tool that newest creation of company of hill tall cutting tool designs is a of milling cutter of square to series of this company tornado shoulder important complement completely. Tornado series has been mixed the most integratedly for metallic cutting industry by quickly establish set of current square shoulder milling cutter. Of whole point of view the first selection that although tornado series is to carry square shoulder milling gently to use a field,enclothes, but the market the demand of solution of milling of square to the much blade of agile, economy shoulder makes emerge as the times require of Square 6 magic square. Meanwhile, no matter you apply a respect to have what kind of demand in square shoulder milling, you can believe firmly company of hill tall cutting tool can cover the treatment of each angle. Extremely tall flexibility brings exceedingly good treatment not only, still bring unprecedented economy. CNC Milling CNC Machining