Shallow the characteristic that talks about treatment of electric spark machine tool

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According to the characteristic that imperceptible electric spark machines, want to form a whole treatment process to control a system, must have the following basic function. (1) main shaft turns the function basically is speed control, the system uses dc servo electromotor to serve as executive component. (2) function of drive of main shaft feed includes speed control and positional control, use a pace to serve as executive component into electromotor, demand control system can be moved according to the dot, turn two kinds of means work continuously. (3) small can function of pulse report source control: As a result of small can the each index impact that pulse power source machines to electric spark is very big, because this is in process of treatment of imperceptible electric spark, numerical control system needs to be able to control parameter of pulse power source in real time, like voltage of peak value electric current, open a way, arteries and veins wait between wide, arteries and veins. The requirement can have alone control to each. (4) machine discharge condition detect the function can detect electrode is right the voltage between, make in order to supply a system decision-making. (5) carry so that knife function eliminates the corrode in discharge clearance to remove product. The working environment that controls a system as a result of number of imperceptible electric spark is harsh, cloth of all sorts of exterior interference cover machine the spot, the electromagnetic wave interference that itself generates is an interference source that cannot ignore, consequently system besides the basic function that wants overfulfil, consider integratedly to the many sided such as systematic dependability, interference rejection sex, use sex even. Following plan adopt in the design: (1) offer word of 16 a movement in martial arts to output, the electric current that finish / the choice of voltage, pulse width reachs the choice of pulse interval, and the control function that all sorts of switch measure; (2) offer A/D to change a channel, real time supervisory system machines condition; (3) provide pulse signal, use control pace to take electromotor and the speed that shed servo electromotor continuously and place; (4) all n and pulse signal all use photoelectricity to keep apart, in order to increase interference rejection capacity of the system, imitate signal uses photoelectricity to keep apart amplifier, make spot signal and control signal part completely; (5) made a lot of optimizing work to power source and wiring, in order to reduce fluky factor; (6) the connection between system and ISA bus line, basically be piece pick signal, by but process designing is logistic implement GAL22V10 will come true, simplified to compile circuit already so, enhanced dependability, have certain confidential sex again. CNC Milling CNC Machining