Board type mill of 5 axes high speed processing technique

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In modern plane design use advanced integral structure design extensively, include the complex structural member such as integral casing, bridge, costal region, connect, wainscot. Form of this kind of spare parts is complex, appearance of as shirt-sleeve as body of appearance of plane curved surface, air channel appearance, ala substance about, inside the spare parts, appearance angle change is bigger. Use profile of large whole aluminium alloy " draw out empty " the method machines a spare parts, cutting quantity is great. Be like, boeing company is in manufacturing F-15 and F/A-18E/F battleplan, make to make large aircraft spare parts easier, assemble and maintain, what basically use is treatment of whole semifinished product, metallic purify leads about 90 % ; The spare parts that machines with whole replaces the many component that assemble together, the spare parts amount of the plane decreased 42% . It is with the spare parts of F-15 battleplan exemple, replaced 500 parts previously by part of a whole, make machine and be assembled so wait for much talk working procedure to simplify to be finished for treatment, improved manufacturing efficiency, manufacturing cycle shortens from 3 months 2 weeks. Great majority of plane structural member is laminose kind of spare parts, there are aperture, cavity, groove and reinforcement above. Its material basically is high strenth aluminium alloy, semifinished product is the aluminium with 60mm ~ thick 300mm board or aluminous ingot, length from short come below to 1m be as long as 30m. The traditional tooling that the treatment of plane structural member uses is numerical control planer-type milling machine (apply to treatment of structural member of train in excess specified length, remain this kind of structural member to machine up to now best is exclusive tooling even) with milling machine of numerical control vertical (apply to length small-sized structural member is machined under 2m) . The mill of door of numerical control dragon of structural member of modern treatment plane and milling machine of numerical control vertical are CNC Milling of linkage of high speed, 5 axes mostly. Come nearly ten years, medium-sized structural member of 4 ~ 10m appeared on international the new tooling of efficient treatment. 20 centuries 90 time, american INGERSOLL company applied vertical extensively to install the new technology that workpiece, horizontal machines, machine tool of type of its HVP (High Velocity Profiler) opposes position of traditional vertical main shaft, use position of horizontal main shaft, perpendicular installation is in workpiece on flat type workbench, use workbench means of feed of box of main shaft of type of shift of fixed, pillar, ram and " the box in box " structure. HVP machine tool uses high-powered report main shaft, power 80 ~ 100kW, 40000r/min of top rotate speed. Manufacturing efficiency raises 4 ~ than traditional Long Menxi 11 times. If be when treatment wing bridge, 50h needs on traditional Long Menxi, and need 5 many hours only on HVP. Efficient it is easy to come from high speed and platoon bits. The example of structural member of plane of treatment of high speed of machine tool of HVP of company of another application INGERSOLL is, treatment of conventional treatment means is time-consuming 5.

5h, handling time of high speed of HVP machine tool is 27min, raise treatment effect to lead 11 times. Current, the machine tool that vertical of treatment of horizontal of this kind of main shaft, workpiece installs, had diffused Japan, Germany, Italy and Spain. Spanish DANOBAT company machines a mould with this kind of machine tool, make size range of pipe bent of this kind of machine tool greatly patulous. In these application, the spare parts is pensile (perpendicular installation) at the turn board on clamping apparatus, operation personnel faces milling head to machine place directly, working process is monitored easily, because cut bits to fall directly,fall again and won't assemble is machining the surface, because this can assure to machine quality, and its cost under common Long Menxi. American INGERSOLL company above this kind of machine tool calls milling machine of profile modeling of horizontal of high power of 5 axes high speed (High Speed/High Power 5-Axis CNC Horizontal Profiler) ; And Japanese SNK says for milling machine of profile modeling of 5 axes high speed (High Speed 5-Axis Profiler) . Referenced international name, draw lessons from " flat TV " name, friend call his " flat type milling machine of 5 axes high speed " , abbreviation (mill of board type high speed) , this will be the new show of milling machine big family. Will be milling machine of type of door of afterwards vertical, horizontal, dragon, be born type hind, the member with milling machine the youngest big family. Current, a few big main flying mechanisms of our country create a company, had introduced much stage this kind of machine tool. 1 high speed of main characteristic and crucial technology   cuts mill of board type high speed treatment of whittle piece semifinished product, metallic purify leads about 90 % , have high speed cutting only, ability makes sure Gao Sheng produces efficiency. The spare parts often has the wall with paper-thin ply and anything resembling a tendon or vein, stiffness is very poor, only ability of high speed cutting undertakes machining to these muscle, wall. After because become,cutting speed reachs fair value, cutting force can reduce 30% above. Especially of radial cutting force decrease substantially, special be helpful for raising thin wall fine muscle the high speed nicety that waits for rigid poor spare parts is machined. Use nickel radical alloy and mould steel treatment to the plane, cutting muscularity, calorific amount is large, easy and sclerotic, cutting tool wears away serious, belong to difficult treatment material. In the meantime, some are Bao Bi on the structure, the dimension precision that the spare parts assures hard in treatment and form precision, the tradition uses very low cutting rate to undertake machining, manufacturing efficiency is very low. If use,cut for convention about fast 10 times right-and-left freeboard fast cutting (cutting speed 100 ~ 1000m/min) , not only can improve manufacturing efficiency substantially, and can reduce cutting tool effectively to wear away, improve the treatment surface quality of the spare parts. And should design milling machine of cutting of production high speed, basically should have the following technology: Tall stiffness of whole of bed of large scale computer, high reliability designs production technology; Ram of high-power of high spirit high speed and main shaft design make a technology; Technology of double drive of high speed high-power: Need is mixed in linear electric machinery ball (column) guide screw makes property in 2 plan / price comparing optimizes a choice; Process designing of numerical control of high spirit of 5 axes high speed / optimize engineering technology. Linkage of 2 5 axes is in Nextpage     in design of plane structural member use extensively three-dimensional CAD and finite yuan of analysis, make the structure is optimized ceaselessly, material function is obtained make full use of, increasing structural member strength thereby while, can reduce weight apparently. This brings about structural appearance to complication necessarily, the talent of numerical control machine tool that must use 5 axial linkage is machined. CNC Milling of 5 axes linkage receives the widest application in aviation industry, like beautiful, Russia an aircraft production company has CNC Milling of linkage of hundreds of 5 axes. The key that implements technology of 5 axes linkage is high-power of pair of the high speed that place part all-purpose milling head. Numerical control of high-power of the double high speed that place part is all-purpose milling head, demand power is 80 ~ 100kW, rotate speed 18000/24000/32000r/min, ask high accuracy is mixed high-powered. Electric main shaft uses vector to control a technology, torque of the requirement below high speed condition 20 ~ 40Nm. But, high speed high-power technology of all-purpose milling head studies the double numerical control that place part at present home had be notted begin, need innovates independently. Market analysis enters new century, job of machinist of our country aviation has begun to take off. Afterwards after auto industry, another heat that makes economy of our country countryman, be sure to draw domestic and international attention. Chinese business used an aircraft on May 11, 2008 finite liability company holds water in Shanghai, from now on our country makes open large aircraft the period. In the meantime, the subcontract production of internationalization is infuse of job of machinist of our country civilian new vitality. The aircraft manufacturer with the famous great majority on international and flying motor-driven force produce a business, the cooperative project that waited for a company to sign subcontract to produce with business of industry of our country aviation like general and Boeing, empty guest, electric, Pu Hui, Luo Luo, already formed at present annual the production value of more than 200000000 dollars. China already participated in the production of all Boeing type, include Boeing 737, 747, 767, 777 with 787. Among them, for Boeing the tail after 737 production stabilizer, perpendicular empennage, part paragraph, port, wing and other component, produced all Boeing costal region of ala of 747 planes tailing edge, in Boeing this 787 newest planes are made in building, be in charge of making commutate of body of rudder, ala overspread face plate and perpendicular empennage leading edge to wait for aviation structural member. To the end of September 2007, the value of active contract total prices that Boeing and its supplier and Chinese aviation industry sign already exceeded 2.5 billion dollar. In the meantime, firm of empty 2007 customer is in China purchase the forehead to exceed 60 million dollar, arrive to will reach 200 million dollars 2010. In addition, one of suppliers of the biggest independence of aviation structural member on the world the Boeing 747-8 contract that company of Wo Tefei aircraft still was the same as Xi Fei and Cheng Fei to sign total value to restrain 800 million dollar in recent years. Can say or state with certainty, regard milling machine big family as the youngest member, mill of board type high speed is sure " wide world, big it is somewhat " . CNC Milling CNC Machining