The precision that stainless steel etchs

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The precision that stainless steel etchs cuts pilot issue, it is chemistry etchs all the time the industry is the most essential, also most the problem that captures hard. Chemical kind goes shaping to the product, put in time length necessarily, the problem of material thickness. Accordingly, the precision that stainless steel etchs can suffer the effect of the following condition: 1, the material of the precision that stainless steel etchs and stainless steel is concerned character. Different material, below different chemical condition, etched effect, speed is different. Be like stainless steel and aluminium, below same condition, its precision can produce very big distinction. General stainless steel, cupreous material uses material of acid of 3 chloridize iron to undertake etching character, and aluminous material is character already place acid is afraid of again alkaline. Below same condition etch, the precision of stainless steel will be a few taller 2, the precision that stainless steel etchs and etched chemical fluid recipe are concerned. Be aimed at same kind of material is qualitative, the drug recipe that chemistry etchs, be like chroma, temperature having immediate concern. 3, the precision that stainless steel etchs and use device are concerned. The stand or fall of equipment, service life, more direct the product precision that matters to a production. Accurate equipment, stable system moves, even gush drenchs system, can form immediate impact to the precision of the product. Zhuo Li is amounted to introduce an entrance to etch equipment, the product precision that assures production is perfect achieve client demand, stabilize a quantity to produce. 4, the sensitive oily effect that the precision that stainless steel etchs suffers Tu Bu. Good sensitive printing ink, develop effect will be better, tu Bu's thickness also is met to etching precision produces an effect. 5, the effect that the precision that stainless steel etchs still suffers original pattern plate to make. Zhuo Li is amounted to use film stencil and vitreous stencil at present, the precision that two kinds of stencil produce to exposure can have immediate effect, because the stencil coefficient of expansion of film will be bigger, affect the precision of exposure, and our vitreous exposure stencil is basic negligible error, and for full automatic turn production, avoid the effect of artificial operation. 5, whether is the precision that stainless steel etchs is mixed not to have dirt to purify a workshop to concern. Because all working procedure need,prevent dirt to drop the steel of the product piece the surface. If kind of dirt adheres to in the surface, etch some of white spot of meeting product, corrode hole phenomenon, if can form a crevasse in the brim of the product, affect the appearance of the product and precision badly! Zhuo Li amounts to construction to purify a car without dirt, reach 1000 level, it is to serve high-end metal to etch the first selection factory of treatment. The precision that makes sure the metal etchs achieves modest demand. CNC Milling CNC Machining