Patulous car enclothes a punch line function

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The car covers a punch automation product line by pure sheet production is transformed to can get used to twin with sheet systematic configuration of production and design, undertake tackling key problem in the light of the technical problem that encounter, adopt reasonable and effective settlement the function that method expands automation develops line ball and scope of application. Current, domestic car enclothes a punch automation product line to be sheet entirely production, namely every job is produced give a work, manufacturing efficiency is relatively low, day of beneficial aggravate that competes as automobile industry home, international, reasonable and effective car produces a solution to be able to quicken the development pace of the enterprise, enhance market competition ability. Was based on above reason development to develop an applied project, realize twin manufacturing function, basically get used to all sorts of cars to cover an automation punch product line, can come true all sorts of irregular the automatic production of board makings, reduce content cost then, reduce cost, managing investment, the dangerous sex that eliminated operation personnel, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency. The principle basis that automation punch line transforms uses functional requirement and the security that its work and dependability actually of punch line, set out from current situation of current domestic and international technology and the strategy that the market develops, put forward to design guiding ideology and principle: On the foundation that draws current international advanced technique and product adequately, what innovation sex ground has system of punch automation product line is compositive with the design, and machinery system and electronic-controlled systematic character and dependability regard successful key as, development is current country is only, be close to international to precede horizontal automation develops line ball system, raise a car to enclothe the function of an automation punch line to ask further. Punch line transforms a system to pass pair of cars to enclothe an automation punch product line to have twin transform, in reservation odd before on the foundation of all functions of a production, make its can get used to twin with sheet production, and make two functions OK free switch; In twin when production, carry the operation set parameter of primary facility and code, start transform system and function of original fixed position to cooperate, undertake harmony production; Contented and all the craft parameter set that does not concern with department category all produces connection with spare parts code, convenient the requirement that carries out unified work number to manage a principle; Makings end is picked up on implement sucking disk requirement comes true to be chosen automatically through feeling screen interface, the hand that changes original system changes choice way. Punch line transforms systematic configuration to ask according to systematic technology, combine former methodical standard to configure, the positioner in before increasing, be opposite 2 (drive of unit of servo of 1 axis communication) , the positioner in controlling outward side direction to be opposite 4 (drive of unit of servo of communication of 2 axes pneumatic, 1 axis) , hind to the positioner in be opposite 4 (drive of unit of servo of communication of 1 axis pneumatic, 1 axis) , testing system of of reinforced material 6, system of control of electric, pneumatic is covered 1 group, the area that tear open a battlements increases all sorts of detecting sensor, feeling screen operates an interface, in transforming former side direction to be opposite implement 4, transform on makings end is picked up implement 2, transform former board stuff is right in area structure part, and district of systematic oil path, gas, circuit. The working process of whole system is mixed in original control system new below the control that adds a system, makings car will rectify battlements board makings to send the area that tear open a battlements on, lift makings of litre of orgnaization general battlements to raise, magnetic force is statified the orgnaization will rectify battlements board makings to undertake statified, the acetabulum that tear open a battlements begins to drop tear open a battlements, get on board makings shift to deferent leather belt, the of reinforced material that carries dormant state detects (of board makings stop to be controlled by sensor) , detect for unqualified when (detect adsorption has two Zhang Ban makings to overlap) , leather belt remands board makings, the acetabulum that tear open a battlements is rushed down shake, send board material again next detect the position of of reinforced material, if or else is eligible, leather belt sends the platoon beyond work area flotsam area board material, if detect eligible (expect for lamina) , board makings will be passed clean oiled equipment and detector of dynamic of reinforced material, reach the area in be opposite, front is right in the immediateness on positioner switch induction arrives have expect, the in be opposite positioner of all set begins to expect to medium plate, makings end is picked up on implement in sending punch the mould board makings collect, return next, complete whole action, the position that involves among them detects will come true through sensor. Twin with sheet production and mutual changeover production are new addition control system and net of primary system couplet, the aleatoric niche that dominates all servo axis and pneumatic axis at the same time moves, each pneumatic axes use island of a powerful person to centralize control. The working status that achieves parameter setting and real time to show a system through touching screen, the system that finish is aimed at PLC, accuse module, servo to wrap breakdown to undertake breakdown inquiry and restoration are handled. Move the implementation that makes a function, the axis is moved to undertake compatibly to servo axis below the action that carries feeling screen interface to control a system in PLC and servo above all to, negative to the hand moves an operation, finish the reference point of pair of servo axes to install, produce work according to what differ next, show teach different workpiece twin the position that each servo rods that use when production are in, remember, the control switch changeover of the buy outside passing and systematic PLC are controlled, finish from sheet to twin, twin to sheet the initiative job status of servo axis and pneumatic axis intends the work. In be opposite implement the implementation of automatic job, by hind starting to the positioner in be opposite, side direction is right in implement move about arm moves outwards, start of the head since the in be opposite positioner that sets primary system is finished jointly. The design of the positioner in be opposite and the crucial part that analysing the positioner in be opposite is this system, the place that arranges the positioner in be opposite reasonably and behavioral order and good orgnaization are designed and assuring systematic dependability is the key that designs a success, the element such as the obstruction of force of the attrition in the process in must considering systematic fatigue resistance integratedly to be able to reach moving dependability, workpiece to be opposite and systematic oneself, be based on this, bought-in component uses abroad to import component entirely, the random that electric machinery uses MITSUBISHI servo electric machinery to realize the position in be opposite is adjustable quality, the adjustment of each servo limits is 450mm, pneumatic component introduces German FESTO product, slideway, guide screw introduces Taiwan HIWIN product. The positioner in be opposite after: Servo axis realizes aleatoric position to show religion, pneumatic axis achieves the exercise of the level that takes take the lead and perpendicular direction through cam contrail, realize the function in be opposite. Side direction is right in positioner: Servo axis realizes aleatoric position to show religion, pneumatic axis is by place take offense crock to drive gear and spline gear to complete action of move about arm, linear air cylinder drives spline axis to slide in spline gear, finish sharp movement, realize the function in be opposite, this orgnaization is compound campaign structure, mature air cylinder accepts outside force fatigue degree, discharge of will radial load is in fixed on. Security is aimed at systematic dependability raise the security element that reachs equipment and personnel, besides solve equipment to install the position beyond interference, the following step was taken on control system. Servo has two protection, strong travel limit and soft journey limit.

Air cylinder protection, rotating after air cylinder rotates, movement of ability of perpendicular air cylinder, extend or shrink, such in order to avert the interference with spot equipment. Password social estate is set in touching screen, the safe level with be in certain only to a few important data just can undertake operating inside limits. Systematic safety defends with the number such as spot transfer switch signal finishs lock of safe each other jointly. Main operation explains the hand moves an operation: The hand of servo is moved, negative operation, perpendicular air cylinder, rotate the hand of air cylinder moves an operation. Reference point operation: Undertake installing to the primitive reference point of servo. Automata: Odd with double after mutual changeover ends, equipment moves automatically. Odd, double when production automatic status switch: Pull use key switch, by start pushbutton automatically, each servo and air cylinder motion arrive to be shown beforehand teach the position, the system that finish intends the work, later, equipment of a complete set of can have automatic production. Show teach an operation: According to different workpiece, show those who teach different workpiece servo is double a manufacturing position. Breakdown look up: In the light of PLC, accuse module, servo to wrap breakdown to undertake breakdown inquiry and restoration, and when breakdown happening, feeling screen plays a help window. Because this project belongs to what go up in former methodical foundation to improve,the technology that the project designs tackles key problem, the risk is big, must the security that mature equipment runs, move to interfere a problem unitly individually namely, according to the actual installation dimension of the spot, use order of movement of PLC programme controll and clever rigid structure to solve interference problem jointly. New transform partial PLC to control system and primary facility PLC and news report of network of numerical control system and compatibility, pass Ⅱ net join, with former control the system is formed include a concern. Makings end is picked up on implement the size that place of basis of vacuum control system wants to produce work needs to finish on of makings acetabulum choose automatically, use island of negative pressure a powerful person to control fashion centrally, finish this function through rigid structure and electric control, from use actually on optimize control. The spot is transformed in involve original equipment alter, the element such as district of the oil path of mature system, gas, circuit, dependability, the system after assuring to transform stabilizes movement. This system applies a car successfully to produce manufacturer, the key as a result of the system yuan the component uses an entrance high grade product, produce the integrated advantage such as domestic technology and service adequately, assured systematic character and dependability namely, reduced cost again, through actual use, manufacturing efficiency rose 1.

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