Make through the mould optimize catenary of whole technological process

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The flow catenary that plank machines included from strive for order to arrive optimize the respect such as semi-manufactured goods, catenary of whole technological process is very complex, but profit is rich and generous. With last year by be located in Weisitefalun city the die manufacturer Gebr of Kreuztal.

Rath company has held first time major to exhibit the meeting is same, hold this year " shape technical forum " the concern that the purpose remains the influencing factor side such as the technology in discussing plank to become V-neck territory, economy and organization. Exhibit this basically can involve a mould design, create optimized quick consideration and pattern anticorrosive processing technology. Postponing the central issue of the meeting is special subject speech, the theme comes from the real work at processing respect. This forum provides understanding for industrial public figure not just whole field the opportunity of each flow, also provided god-given window for undergraduate friends, make them OK the situation that understands oneself to will want to pursue a trade beforehand. Gebr.

The selling manager Klaus Freikmann of Rath company (right) with the Alfred Bilsing that comes from the Bilsing automation company that is located in Attendom (in) undertake with Michael Treude the mould makes cost require faster computational innovation skill talk: Gebr.

The pattern of constitutes by 3 parts 9 level combination that Rath pattern production company produces for a manufacturer of car spare parts uses punch of plank spare parts with receiving a car, shape the order of the mould serves as exemple. This kind of spare parts had had correct figure and treatment weight normally, basically be to obtain flowing white automobile body. If want to make the pattern the package outside business now, so the race that began field and one time. Because this needs to build technology, economy quickly as far as possible above all the data of two respects, the purpose is to want to get order as far as possible on one hand, also want to begin economy business accounting on the other hand. Flow catenary rationalize changes: Software technology and the Schmale company that organize a structure to come from Bischoffen (Www.


Com) developed software of computation of a kind of quote, the quick consideration technology that its have can generate the foundation of technology and economic respect to quote inside about 5 minutes. The general manager Lothar Schmale of this company says: "This algorithm is mixed by us joint development of masses automobile group. This algorithm won't affect the cost of finished products and semi-manufactured goods, basically be aimed at the spare parts that has not enter pull current Cheng however. Basic course is need crop and spare parts sort to choose according to place most treatment method of economy. Accordingly, the domain is analysed in total cost drive, we had entered the right path. " need to undertake business accounting before the mould is machined. Medium and small businesses basically makes usage country amounts to search firm to develop " Catia V5 " and " Smartteam " software. As the partner of the company that amount to all alone, the CUTit company that comes from Steinebach (Www.


De) their brand-new software system was revealed in Kreuztal. "The pressure of time and cost respect is being increased ceaselessly " , the general manager Andreas Schmidt of this company says, "Accordingly we basically are the user of Catia V5 and Smartteam to serve, new improvement is developed in system of these two software for them latent capacity. The user designs a respect to raise faster, better demand ceaselessly in the mould. Because of we and this user solution of a joint development. Among them the way of mould of a faster, better design is unremitting ground eliminate wrong source as far as possible. The core content that our solution contains is persistent data control and blueprint of ceaseless newer pattern. " the software company Ams that comes from Kaarst.

Hinrichs+Mueller (Www.


Com) the economic tool that provided one apply mechanically to be optimized at organizing a structure. The say of selling manager Dirk Wilms of this company: "Our advisory service and software product can be in what oneself client of the help on software foundation achieves constituent structure to optimize. Can offer the client's oriented ERP solution, can support the whole process that delivers the goods to the product from preparative quote. And our strong point returns those who depend on special difficulty to produce a field by order. These order basically include onefold part or treatment of small lot spare parts. Our software can support purchase flow, and can undertake with real cost compare business accounting. This system still can undertake entering spending dogging comparative, can point out potential bottleneck and give out to suggest accordingly. We help Gebr successfully.

Rath pattern production company builds a transparent operation flow, ensured of whole technological process dovish move. " efficient: Come from the equipment of the Aicoss company of Siegen, the geometrical size control that basically is used at big batch spare parts is in exhibiting is in the center of the meeting by Gebr.

The new-style combination pattern that Rath company shows. This covers a mould to be comprised by 3 parts, have 9 class pattern, decorate the press of hydraulic pressure of 16000 1000 oxen that provides in Schuler SMG company to go up. This mould can be on 4 meters of base have the job with the crankshaft pressure of 10000 1000 oxen. The general manager Achim Rath of this company introduced to this covers the mould of innovation and emphasize: "Regard accepted domain as the expert, bilsing automation company can provide the changeover system of whole set. We the employee of two companies works to mould spot together. Accordingly, this combination mould can be reflected ginseng extend the collaboration between business. " Bilsing company (Www.


Com) say of directorate member Michael Treude: "Regard automation as the last segment of flow normally, we must study catenary of whole technological process seriously. We used Igrip simulation software. Use this software can imitate press, mould and want automation solution, namely imitate changes a pattern or the motion of manipulator. " punch and shape supplier of automation solution mould implements innovation plan on more reliable mould normally. The Dadco Biebolt company that comes from Niedereschach (Www.


De) Herbert Frings is the expert that mould of main attack punch assembles nitrogen bedspring respect, he says: "We should introduce a kind of new-style ejector here. This kind of ejector is a kind of prefabricated component, basically use in the top since lower mould to give board action. Die manufacturer need not assemble nitrogen bedspring alone, can press however need to order this module. Can shorten so design and assemble time. OK still beforehand the bedspring of prefab and same pressure, perhaps fill different pressure in bedspring inter block. " Schwer+Kopka, Weingarten and Hilden company (Www.


De) basically offer punch monitoring technology, mould how to be prevented system and produce sensor according to client demand. The applied engineer Dennis Mantel of this company says: "Our target is effective in production process ground avoids mistake happening. Have the aid of the sensor at different type, we can the whole process that monitoring random compressor works. At present we are suggesting machine tool or the mould serves as such system choose fittings to offer a client. Our system can be used at assembling the quality control of the process not only, still can realize pressure - journey monitoring. " the Graebener that comes from Netphen press company from work in Schuler group since 1989, he introduced to apply to the automation technology of the punch of medium and small businesses and processing respect. Between process designing of trends of technology of punch of such as servo, tappet and mould carry date of departure safeguard wait to innovate continuously the mark that the technology made Schuler group and this subsidiary. The sale engineer Olaf Klein of this company recollects: "Graebener press company developed press of lever of the first brace 1950, after this devotes oneself to the automation technology development of this domain all the time. " the brace lever press that ever had introduced a course to improve. Press of this brace lever is compositive the advantage with bigger journey of prejudicial press tappet. Klein says: "The frequent promotion function of this system makes tappet had the additional stroke that is as high as 500 millimeter. The advantage of brace lever technology, for instance taller systematic tigidity got withholding. Additional, we still go up in a press compositive cut off, drawing, bend, punch and demarcate function. " Lenz&Soehne, Aicoss and first time of company of Kaiser surface technology enter this exhibition. Regard famous lubricant material as manufacturer, the Lenz&Soehne company that comes from Bad Endbac carried a partner to show their latest technology jointly. "Besides the lubricant product that offers a level, we still develop appropriative together with the partner lubricant material " , christian Lenz explains. "On this level, we the experience that the means that with answering doubt dispels doubts provides us to abound. Optimize systematic way to cut a dot to be able to be found very quickly with lubricant material. E.g. , a little lubricant product volatilizes very quickly after processing, this meeting causes succeeding activity cannot proceed. " the Aicoss company that much technology joins ability to raise product quality to come from Siegen (Www.


De) the examination that introduced innovation classifies equipment. The Tobias Lerch of this company says: "Quality inspection series is the standard batch product of our company: In ± 0.

Examination of control of deviation of control of quality of control of the stability that geometrical dimension controls inside 01 millimeter limits, outline, integrality control, double-faced surface, color, crackle, injury and tangerine skin are checked, and measure test specimen send makings, take makings. Our order demand spare parts undertakes with axial symmetry position on fast punch machine tool online examine. " the company of Kaiser surface technology that comes from Emdtebrueck (Www.


De) the service business that general manager Anke Kaiser introduced their company: "Our purpose is to be the part that the client supplies to undertake safe, complete anticorrosive processing. We had gone all out in work 25 years in this industry. To undertake proper anticorrosive processing to each spare parts, we use 3 kinds of technologies: Outfit of cathode electrophoresis besmear, pulverous coating and zinc - aluminous coating. Undertake on the spare parts local handle the strong point that is us with all coating. To can offer safe, full-scale anticorrosive processing technology, we need to be optimized in whole technological process and control 300 many parameter. We need to be optimized in whole technological process and control 300 many parameter.. CNC Milling CNC Machining