Optimized hob coating

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Economy, efficient production today's automobile manufacturing industry, competing unusually intense and profit falls in the grim situation that drops ceaselessly, economy, efficient production to them character is very important, "The abdomen carries press press on the back " the manufacturer of car component more not exceptional. To the annular gear of car starter, high accuracy undertakes with the hob that arrive in having pair of gear cutting only optimize ability to realize the production with efficient economy. Use a course special adjustment coating plan " Hay Blue " , cemeCon company (Tian Wei surpasses Li Defang to invest business) the exercise of annular gear cutting that can be car starter offers solution of appropriate coating of hob cutting tool. This kind of special coating program is to build on the foundation of SupernitrideTINALOX SN coating. Use this to plant modular the system can get first-rate coating program, can get exceedingly good treatment efficiency and product precision, and machine a process extraordinary stability. "Nut " the hob that the tine treatment of annular gear asks appliance has superior performance undertakes because of CemeCon project technology broken car starter cutting, because starter is annular,gear is to use solder semifinished product is made, preform surface is adamant, in addition, solder the welding line treatment of semifinished product can produce immense stress to cutting tool. Be in before in production process, engineers discover in machining a process the cutting tool of generation wears away very hard all the time. Because cannot discover in inchoate phase the hollow of cutting tool wears away, make so come out the product may be unqualified reject, so, the tine treatment of annular gear needs car starter the cutting tool attaint that a kind of solution will come to improve the generation in machining a process in time. Graph: Use at machining car starter the hob Vergnano company of annular gear is manufacturer of an Italy hob, they are the suppliers of Hay company. Vergnano company is in " Hayblue " blame of the benefit in the application of coating plan is shallow, they had used it to solve the problem that a lot of clients encounter in hob respect, hay company also is such. Shi Erdiao's all-around one service is the one part that technology of CemeCon company coating serves, also be the key that this coating plan gains a success finally. In the case of Hay company, an applied engineer of CemeCon company is in of coating " the quantity is ordered personally do " on did much work. Level tests in cutting, this engineer waited for several days continuously in the spot even, undertake the adjustment of optimization in order to help an user to having the cutting tool of TINALOX SN coating, use a requirement till what achieve user satisfaction finally. The result has appeal quite of course, this kind new-style " Hay Blue " coating plan was obtained " one Shi Erdiao " the effect -- fall in the condition that assures tolerancepublic errand limit, "Hayblue " the service life that the adoption of coating plan prolonged cutting tool, and, a of this kind of coating very main feature is it can give out bright-coloured La Guang, this makes mechanical engineer can better undertake judging to wear out condition, special conduce to the stability that assures to machine a process. The company of those automobile industries and ultimate car consumer, the application that those used basis spy to fasten asks and constructed to have the user of adjusted cutting tool with the respect such as coating in base material, geometry especially, will from " Hay Blue " be benefited in coating plan. The accept rice structure of the Supernitrides high-powered coating of company of high-powered Supernitrides coating CemeCon can ensure cutting tool has extremely tall tenacity and hardness. Distinctive treatment process can make cutting tool is obtained at the same time exceed slick surface and unapproachable tall abrasiveness can. TINALOX SN is one can be used at the Supernitride coating of the material such as cutting steel products, cast-iron, stainless steel and high temperature alloy, it can be used below position of dry type cutting already, also can be in wet use below cutting position. Because it has extremely smooth face, what TINALOX SN ensured groove is medium is drossy can be eliminated in order to do not have the means of attrition force. Besides, TINALOX SN uses its strength, bear effectively tremendous weight attacks negative charge, for instance action the hob in treatment and the hollow on hob the bear of gall. CNC Milling CNC Machining