How does ABB transducer set parameter

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Of transducer run the setting with relevant parameter: The set parameter of transducer is much, every parameter all has certain choice limits, because individual parameter setting is undeserved,use middling often is encountered, cause the appearance that transducer cannot work normally. Control fashion: Namely speed control, turn be apart from control, PID control or other way. After taking control kind, want a basis to control precision commonly, need undertakes static state or trends differentiate. Lowermost running frequency: Namely the least rotate speed that electric machinery runs, electric machinery moves below low rotate speed when, its come loose hot performance is very poor, electric machinery moves for long below low rotate speed, can bring about electric machinery burn down. And when low speed, the electric current in its cable also can increase, also can bring about cable to give out heat. Highest running frequency: The biggest frequency goes to general transducer 60Hz, some arrives even 400 Hz, high frequency rate will make electric machinery high speed runs, for this pair of common electric machinery, its bearing cannot exceed rated rotate speed for long to move, whether can the rotor of electric machinery bear such centrifugal force. Carrier wave frequency: Carrier wave frequency installs jump over Gao Jigao second harmonic weight is greater, the length of this and cable, electric machinery is calorific, cable is calorific transducer is calorific waiting for an element is closely related. Electric machinery parameter: Transducer is the the power of set electric machinery, electric current, voltage, rotate speed, biggest in parameter frequency, these parameter can get directly from inside electric machinery nameplate. Jump frequency: On dot of a certain frequency, possible meeting produces resonance phenomenon, special when whole plant is more expensive; When controlling compressor, the asthma that should avoid compressor brace up dot. Common breakdown analyses: 1) sheds breakdown too: Shed breakdown to be able to be divided too to quicken, decelerate, constant speed passes electricity. As a result of,its may be of transducer increase slowdown time mutation of too short, load happening, bear allocation not all, output the reason such as short circuit to cause. Can add element of apply the brake of the slowdown time, mutation that reduces negative charge, adscititious specific power consumption through lengthening commonly at this moment, undertake bear allocation design, right circuit undertakes checking. If break a laden transducer to still shed breakdown too, circuit of demonstrative transducer inversion already annulus, need changes transducer. 2) overload breakdown: Overload breakdown includes frequency conversion overload and electric machinery overload. Its may be to quicken time too short, voltage of electrified wire netting is laden and too low, overweight wait for a reason to cause. Can quicken time through lengthening commonly, lengthen voltage of electrified wire netting of time of apply the brake, examination to wait. Laden and overweight, chooses electric machinery and transducer cannot procrastinate move this load, because machinery is lubricant and bad to cause,also may be. Be like former must change the electric machinery of high-power and transducer; If latter wants,undertake the overhaul to producing machine. 3) owes pressure: Explain transducer power source inputs a part to have a problem, the ability after needing to check can move. CNC Milling CNC Machining