Reduce mould of the machine that blow model to change time

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Since go up century since 90 time metaphase, the having that makes by polyethylene cuts off the standard that the plastic gasoline tank blowing model of function has made most car equips, brought a car from this the high speed of plastic gasoline tank grows. Now nowadays of car type emerging in endlessly is the biggest challenge that this industry faces, because the rapid change of the model caused various gasoline tank and the amount that increase vitta system,increase ceaselessly. Of car type increasingly grow in quantity results from the market if be in,refine traditional compact model the price section of intermediate car and advanced car added car of such as motile again (SUV) , muti_function car (MPV) wait for similar model, and the people pursuit to personalized model. Accordingly, those who make a person none accident is, although traffic is overall,car amount of production increased, but every batches of product measures that blow model to shape alone are less and less however. The result that brings about finally is, fuel system manufacturer people must protect know exactly about sth to measure more and more moulds that blow model, and must be in their mould tool system changes inside shorter time interval. For example, our client also is China the oldest fuel system produces manufacturer -- inferior limited company of general car assembly (the following abbreviation inferior general) , the mould blowing model that the opportunity blowing model that has 11 to be used at manufacturing gasoline tank differs with more than 40 kinds. Inferior general is mixed in lake of Yangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Changchun, overgrown with weeds Wuhan shares 6 production base (wh some of which is joint venture) , manufacture about 2 million gasoline tank every year (was 1.7 million 2007, the target 2008 is 2.1 million) , cheer canal and air channel product with etc. The client of this company includes group of the masses, Ao Di, PSA and general motors, Feng Tian, Ford, case inferior the car manufacturer with a few mainland. Like manufacturer of production of other gasoline tank, inferior the mould equipment that general also is faced with the machine that blow model to go up changes the issue with higher and higher frequency. Must change twice inside a day even sometimes gasoline tank blows model mould, the lot that just can satisfy place in time to need so asks and " offer money in time " demand. Reduce a mould to change time changes to decrease the time that tool place expends, german take an examination ofing is special this mechanical production limited company (the following abbreviation is taken an examination of special this) offerred the fast unit that change a pattern for Yapudi, go to a few relevant function conformity inferior on the machine blowing model of general. Such, the client is changing product when, from go up batch of products that check and accept qualification are draw-out the part begins to measure, arrive all the time measure piece new a batch eligible product, do not use 1h to be able to be finished only, and needed to spend a few hours in the past. This sudden fit that change a pattern is according to module type compositive, the client can choose according to his demand alone or whole is bought. Additional, one's deceased father special this use at for what its offer 6 what push production of plastic gasoline tank in all is multilayer push modular head in all, also reduced a mould to change time. Because be in product replace time interval is short fall at the circumstance of 2h, leave out use polyethylene cleans EVOH and the measure that answer makings layer (machine down time grows to must be cleaned at 2h, heat up sensitive EVOH raw material to meet otherwise run down) . This is inside whole industry for it is very scarce. Graph 1: Fast model head changes device (snap ring structure) when using the fast device that change a pattern, the mould is mechanical magnet can be used in be opposite or hydraulic pressure locking; Electric, pneumatic and module of hydraulic pressure join are used prevent union of wrong fast connect to blow the cooling water spreader that configuration secures on the model. Make with this inferior general changes the time that plastic gasoline tank plays model mould place to need reduces 15min less than from original 50min. "We are admired particularly one's deceased father special this mature sex of the technology and flexibility, this is to take an examination of special this unique advantage. " inferior the Sun Zong of limited company of general car assembly is evaluated so. To resembling inferior general for such company, a quick opening model changes tool and the fast unit that change a pattern is likewise main. For this, one's deceased father special this to change club of buccal model, core and core club join developed a special snap ring technically type system. This system cooperates buccal model to change the car is used together, make change time shortens from two many hours 45min. Gasoline tank can begin to produce on good to make new modular head changes wheeler, still can be versed in through be in to heat beforehand undertake heating beforehand to new buccal model, what require temperature in order to reach production. Lower part of the mould that blow model is all device, include such as to blow needle, dilate lever and model base closes device also is tool change the element place that needs to expend a large number of time. Want existence possibility only, one's deceased father special this with respect to meeting general these device combination arrive on a substrate. Because contain the fast clip hand in be opposite, the installation job that makes must need 60min before is OK finish entirely inside 15min. Assemble this device also can bale with the mould that blow model deposit together. Graph 2: One of methods that the KBS series that produces plastic gasoline tank blows model machine to answer cost pressure to answer the cost pressure that rise are reduce the sources of energy use up. So shipment arrives recently inferior the KBS series of general blows model opportunity, its extruder electric machinery was deployed make electric machinery of running water cold pattern. These electric machinery do not need any maintaining, enjoy outstanding power factor inside whole speed limits however (Cos φ ) . Additional, take an examination of special this new the Q series extruder that roll out, deserve to helix chamfer is entered makings paragraph and contain cut off piece screw. Can make feed in raw material not only so even, and compare at common model the extruder of chamfer of feed in raw material that uses dc machine drive, can reduce the sources of energy to use up be as high as 30% . Be aimed at by measure of more and more small-sized gasoline tank that use at mixing fuel car, and height is complex the gasoline tank of geometrical appearance, optimize a wall thick distributing to will save raw material and reduce casing weight to appear even more crucial. Had been become to be in by complete collection through using one's deceased father special this change quickly the static state in the concept is adjustable be out of shape annulus (system of thick control of wall of SFDR) standoff ministry (PWDS) , OK and managing 5 ~ the raw material of 10% . In addition, the efficient sex that uses to raise raw material further and the manufacturing condition that assure perfect stability, inferior general still was used one's deceased father special this the is used at production of plastic gasoline tank wall large position of exclusive research and development controls a system (WDLS) and the technology that SFDR/PWDS combines. Summary is taken an examination of through using special this new facility and new system, make not only inferior general reduced a mould to change time, reduced the sources of energy to use up with raw material cost, and make the each function index of gasoline tank (decline, internal pressure and anti-flammability) a bit is not decreased. Inferior the Sun Zong of limited company of general car assembly expresses, we regard China as the biggest plastic gasoline tank produce manufacturer and times feeling is proud (hold 50% markets share) , with take an examination of special this giving full cooperation is us the main factor that gains a success. Predicting automobile industry will continue to overtake with the growth rate of two digit inside a few years of future Chinese other industry, believe to depend on one's deceased father special this the high-powered machine that blow model, inferior general will continue to be gotten in industry of Chinese plastic gasoline tank run. Author: German take an examination ofing is special this origin of mechanical production limited company: AI automobile manufacturing industry CNC Milling CNC Machining