Of wiring system upgrade -- TURCK receives the plug-in unit application in industry of machine tool equipment

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Some equipment production limited company is market scientific research design of development, technology, production creates the forerunner of science and technology at an organic whole company, the design in its machine tool and subsidiary engine, in making, used many sensor and carry out implement. If be close to switch, and electromagnetism a powerful person. Its wiring measures big, diversity, and be located in the wiring of sensor of mechanical arm position be finished through pulling course form, more complex. When workload of the cable of numerous and jumbled of the amount in equipment, wiring and man-hour expend; and normal after equipment consign client movement, wait for a reason because of machine vibration and worker operation, the cable connect that brings about possibly becomes loose, fall off to defend the work with the later period such as leakage, it is the problem that the client should solve. Place of client of no less than says, what should consider wiring not just is reasonable and handy, should consider the stable and reliable, wear after equipment runs and Yi Wei protect a gender more. Expand as the development of the enterprise and march high-end market, company of engineer hope Turck can offer a better wiring program in order to solve these problems. Of course, the cost that considers to increase even cannot exorbitant. The assembly that personnel of Turck company technology reachs a clientele the workshop gathers pertinent information, pass development communication, put forward to be used extensively receive plug-in unit form to solve these problems. Of Turck company receive plug-in unit to join the form is sent here went up true use. Spot sensor has the interface measure such as M12 and M8, wiring cable length is differ, from 1 differ to 20m. To this, turck offerred two end prefab model receive plug-in unit, m12-M12 or M8-M12. The demand that cable length can follow a client is custom-built. To pulling course wiring, turck still used his the cable of Gao Rou sex of peculiar technology Flexlife, its height tenacity, intensity and life can ensure carrying ceaselessly in pulling course use for a long time normally. The good dustproof and waterproof grade that prevents oscillatory function and IP67 also can assure to receive plug-in unit to leave long-term and reliable job in harsh environment. Additional, turck is spot electromagnetism a powerful person to wait carry out implement the connector of head of a powerful person that provided a standard. What be worth to be carried again is, turck basis client from face plate inside (outside) down-lead and the requirement with sealed mouth giving a clue, recommend flange to receive plug-in unit to the client. But simple and easy installation is on face plate, make face plate inside and outside joins through plug-in unit photograph. Unused moment, twist next plug-in unit to add dust cover, achieve IP67 likewise defend grade. Turck received plug-in unit to bring advantage for the client the brain that to machine tool equipment PLC, bus line, sensor made a machine tool and sense organ, so undoubted the main and collateral channels that accepting plug-in unit system is a machine tool. The solution that Turck offers is traditional wiring means promotion industry to receive kind of plug-in unit join. Its are prefab the integral character that assembles gender and Yi Wei the high dependability that accepts plug-in unit and branch line case, wear, easily to protected a gender to promote an user the product, for Dalian dark of a person of extraordinary powers brought value. Turck receives the advantage of plug-in unit system to depend on: Apply to the transmission of a variety of signal and communication: A variety of electric current of · potentiometer, imitate or voltage signal, disperse signal, signal mix wait for signal of different type communication. All sorts of · sensor (sensor of pressure, temperature, discharge, position, monitor) can join through receiving plug-in unit the box that distribute a line, concentration transmits data to data to gather device by a cable. Simplifying equipment wiring advantage: · the wiring means of Plug and Play, but of custom-built and different length receive plug-in unit cable. · reduces wiring time, reduce wiring difficulty, reduce cost expenditure thereby. · solves equipment interior narrow position solves difficult wiring, the issue that perhaps defends hard after wiring. Turck receives what plug-in unit system offers for machine tool industry to assure: IP67 of interface of · plug-in unit defends grade, sealed firm, suit smeary wait for an environment with dirt, and won't affect communication. The outlet of · plug-in unit is solid, fast, ensure long-term stability works. · Turck cable needs to pass concussion test, ensure ability getting power. CNC Milling CNC Machining