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It is right that the EXPERTURN 2000 C-M of TOSHULIN company establishs a car car, mill and grind the machine tool with precision higher demand, knife library is weighed since the blame that uses two dish, reduced the commutative time of blade holder and knife handle, in Hannuowei European machine tool was exhibited 2013 (EMO) on, TOSHULIN will show the way that having 60 old histories with EXPERTURN 2000 C-M the superior performance of Si Huling machine tool. The machine tool of EXPERTURN 2000 C-M of TOSHULIN company is center of turning of odd column vertical, 3 axes linkage brings grating rule. Have the working mesa of diametical 2000mm, workbench speed limits is in 2~315r/min, the Xi Menzi electric machinery of 80kW; Drive of servo of word of C number of axle, deploy quit a system; Crossbeam can move inside the limits of 800mm, crossbeam slideway takes stretch to protect a cover; The journey of slide carriage is gone to from workbench center left it is 1160mm, from inside workbench the heart is gone to right it is 1650mm, slide carriage arrives the journey of knife library is 2395mm. EXPERTURN 2000 C-M can machine diameter of the greatest work to amount to 2300mm, tall 1400mm weighs 20000kg. Library of new disc cutting tool includes 6 blade holder mix 40 modular knife handle, every modular blade holder is OK level or perpendicular apply. Can undertake automatic workpiece is measured, deploy Xi Menzi 840D SL to control a system, the working environment that human nature changes and new shield are designed and decreased to cover an area of an area. CNC Milling CNC Machining